By Laurie Hardy

What is self image?

Self image is a chronic mental illness. The person can become obsessed with a minor or imagined flaw. They are concerned about they way they see them self and how others see them. Many men and women go to eating disorders to get to that "perfect" body image that society has created. Only about 10% of people with an eating disorder get professional help.

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Media & self image

Media is a huge problem. When you look in magazines what do you see? Over sized women and men? No, you see very thin women advertising fashion and cosmetics. Media is pressuring the way teenager's bodies should look. A study showed that 53% of thirteen year old girls are un happy with their body. When they reach the age of seventeen it grows to 78%.

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Help your friend

To help there are a few tips you can take. Compliment them, not on their looks but on their accomplishments and success, top remind them beauty is not just on the outside. Be caring to them, but be firm. Be a good role model. And always be honest to them.

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That you can't force someone to seek help, change their habits, or adjust their attitude. Just by being there for them and encouraging them might get them to want help.
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