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Happy New Year - Reminders and Resolutions!

The start of the New Year is a great time to set some goals:

We ask that you consider the following:

Morning Drop off - Please use the street (Hoover Drive or Marie Lane) to drop off your child at school. Either street will do - students can enter the building through door 1, 12 or 11. We do not want students dropped off in the parking lot. This poses some safety concerns as the parking lot is right next to the playground and many students. Please do not use the parking lot for anything other than parking.

Visit for Lunch - you have an open invitation to join us for lunch. Joining your child at lunch is a great way to connect with the classroom while showing your child your excitement for their school day. We love seeing parents, grandparents and visiting relatives in the lunchroom.

Volunteer - If you have a hour a week to give, we would love to have you. Of course, if you have more time to give we have opportunities for you too! Involvement can range from reading with a student, prepping an activity, helping do a math station and offering any other talents you may have.

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Funded by grants and community donations, the BackPack Food Program provides a weekend's worth of healthy, well-balanced meals in small bags. The bags are given to the students' teachers every Thursday to be discreetly placed into the child's backpack on Friday.

CLIMB 2 FEED KIDS is a fundraising event to help fund the BackPack Food Program.


KidZone sponsored by Bounce Town

When: Sunday, January 7th, 8:30am - 1:30pm

Where: Minnesota State, Mankato Bresnan Arena

Who: All kids

KidZone Details:

-WeeTown for little ones

-Inflatable Obstacle Course

-Bounce houses

This is free for children, though donations of any amount are welcome and benefit the BackPack Food Program. All kids must have a guardian sign a waiver for admission. Kids must wear socks.

Show your school spirit by wearing your school colors and cheering on your school and teachers that will be climbing the stairs at Bresnan Arena

7 Mindsets - 100% Accountable

During the month of January we are focusing on 100% Accountable.

100% Accountable

Teaching Students Responsibility

The 100% Accountable mindset teaches the importance of being responsible for our own happiness and success. Being 100% Accountable means deciding not to be victims of the past and recognizing that the future is not predetermined, so our lives are what we choose in the present moment and each one moving forward. In these lessons, we help students focus on recognizing our fears and excuses. This mindset is about the importance of breaking down barriers and taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions. It also allows us to free our minds and focus our energy on taking the critical steps towards our goals.

The 4 critical components of 100% Accountable:

1. Own Your Life – If we give away the freedom to act and think for ourselves, we’re more likely to become victims. This happens when we allow the opinions of others and their actions toward us to matter more than our own feelings toward ourselves. We must begin the process of owning all aspects of our lives and actions, and take responsibility for every moment and situation. When we do, we prevent others from asserting control of our lives.

2. Overcome Limiting Beliefs – The greatest limitations in our lives are those we place on yourself. These come in the form of fears, excuses, and what we call the counter mindsets. It is these limiting beliefs that distort our belief systems and drive ineffective or destructive behaviors. We can, however, reprogram our thinking to overcome and eliminate limiting beliefs.

3. Focus Your Energy – The people who get the most out of life do the most with the 24 hours each day that we all have. These individuals spend more time doing things that give them energy and use this energy to learn and accomplish what’s most important to them. We must constantly restructure our time in order to get the most out of the moments we have. When we do this each day, we take powerful steps toward reaching our dreams.

4. Grow Through Life – Life is about learning, and it’s a process of continual growth. We must recognize this and seek growth from all experiences, good and bad. When we do, we are constantly getting better. We must also proactively develop our strengths and build new skills. As we do this, we truly become 100% Accountable and capable of creating the lives of our dreams.

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More on 100% accountable - Top 5 Dos and Don’ts at Home:

Top 5 Dos and Don’ts at Home:

1) Do model the 100% Accountable mindset at home by taking responsibility for your actions and the control you have over your destiny. How we use our time determines whether we get the most out of each day, which in turn affects our future. It is important to maximize our time by doing things that energize and fulfill us, because these activities will help take us toward our best possible lives.

2) Do realize the importance of growth in everyday life. It’s important to see that how we spend our time reflects what is important to us. Some of our routines and tasks are productive and make us stronger, while others have no benefit, weaken us and may be counter-productive to living a great life. How we use our time determines whether we get the most out of each day, which in turn affects our future.

3) Don’t blame others for what has happened to you. When you blame or resent others, you focus a lot of time thinking negatively. This prevents you from doing what you need to do to live your dreams.

4) Don’t harbor ill will toward others or allow your child to let the actions of others become obstacles for them. By holding onto anger, you cannot move forward to live your best life. Many of us have had very difficult circumstances, but it is important to recognize that we control our destinies from this moment forward.

5) Don’t make excuses. When your child sees you making excuses for why you can’t do something, they are likely to reflect that same mentality and find excuses for why they can’t do something as well. Our greatest limitations are those we place on ourselves. When you make excuses, you are beaten before you even try.

Early Learning Department

MAPS Preschool 2018-19 Registration:

Information will be mailed to families with age eligible children residing in the Mankato Area Public Schools boundaries. Preschool registration will begin on Monday, January 8th. Registration can be made online at www.mankato.thatscommunityed.com or in person at 820 Hubbell Avenue. For more information, please contact the Early Learning Department at 507-625-4620. Video link provides additional program information.

MAPS Preschool Video.

FAMILY ACADEMY - brought to you by Mankato Area Public Schools

Please register to attend Mankato Area Public Schools' Family Academy on March 5, 2018 held at Rosa Parks Elementary. Family Academy workshops give families tips, tools and strategies to help their children succeed in school. Food and childcare will be provided. Click here for current session descriptions. Register online or call 507-387-5501 with questions or for assistance.

INCOMING KINDERGARTEN - Early Childhood Screening

​"If you have a preschooler that will be entering kindergarten in the 2018-2019 school year and has not had an Early Childhood Screening, or if you are not planning on sending your child to kindergarten​, please call Central Registration at 507-207-4037.

In Minnesota, children are eligible to attend kindergarten when they are five

years old on or before September 1st of the of the calendar year that schools starts. Early Childhood Screening is required before Kindergarten registration.

Kindergarten registration packets will be sent out in January​ 2018 prior to Kindergarten Round-Up."​

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We would like to invite parents & teachers to attend our PTA meeting on January 9th, at 6:15 in the Media Center. 6:15-6:30 will be open networking/social time, for parents & faculty members to meet and greet, and then the meeting will start promptly at 6:30 PM. The PTA is a way for you to get involved with the school, share ideas & suggestions, and to get connected with fellow parents and Hoover faculty! We have an all new PTA Board this year and we have big ideas and plans to make this year at Hoover one of the best, but we can't do it alone! We hope to see you on November 9th!


Rachel Carpenter (PTA President) and the PTA Board

Hoover PTA link on Hoover's Website

Hoover PTA Facebook page


January, 2018

Wednesday, 3rd Return from Winter Break

Tuesday, 9th 2 Hour Late Start

Tuesday, 9th PTA - 6:30 PM

Monday, 15th No School, K-12

Friday, 26th No School, K-12

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