Staff Weekly

September 11th

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Lighthouse Team 411

As part of my (Sami's) role as the PR action team, I will be the communicating the pertinent information from Lighthouse meetings to staff. Some weeks, there may not be pertinent information for staff, other weeks there may be a lot of information to send. I’ll send emails for the extremely important, and will post the Lighthouse minutes from our meetings in the office on the cabinets next to the mailbox if you want to read through the minutes entirely.

Some important information from Lighthouse:

  • · MMM will happen once per month on the last Monday of each month rather than weekly. The Student Lighthouse Team (PLT) will plan every other month and the Schoolwide Goal Achievement Action Team will plan the alternate months. Calendar invites will be sent today (or this weekend if I run out of time today). The first MMM will be September 25th.
  • · ALL teams need to count how many Leadership Notebooks you need (for new students or as replacements), as well as how many sets of dividers. Please get this count to your representative for the Student Led Achievement Action Team or Jennie Wagoner.
  • · Please have your class mission statement posted by September 29th. This should be on an 8.5 inch by 11 inch sheet of paper, landscape orientation. All class mission statements should go on the cork board outside your classroom under your bio sheet and personal WIG tracker. Each class can have their own flair/design for a mission statement OR I can create a template for you to use. Just let me know if you would like a template to put your mission statement on. Class Mission Statements should also be posted within your classroom. I’ll send a calendar invite out to remind you to have this posted by September 29th.
  • · It was suggested that instead of calling our Leader in Me lessons TLIM Time that we call them Lead Time in your daily schedule.


None this week, but we have several next week!

None this week.

Secret Longhorn Latecomers

If you've changed your mind and now you'd like to do Secret Longhorn this year, we can hook you up. Just let Erika know.


Coming up next:

Howl at the Moon Saloon and Montoyas Happy Hour on Friday.

Coming up soon:

  • Lularoe Pop Up Shop on September 22nd after school.
  • Pallet Party on September 25th after school.

Here's what we're responsible for:

  • Secret Longhorns
  • Orange Ninjas
  • Monthly Events
  • Happy Hours
  • Potlucks
  • Quarterly Birthday Cakes
  • Christmas Party
  • Retirement Party/ies at End of Year
  • ...whatever else we cook up.



    • Collab planning for grade 1
    • Erika and Rachel at Novice Reduction training in afternoon.
    • ESS coordinator meeting for Sami and Kim


    • Collab planning for grade 2
    • Erika and Rachel at principals meeting at RR in AM and Rachel at coach meeting in PM
    • SBDM at 4:30pm
    • PTO/Grandparent's Night at 6:30pm


    • Collab planning for grade 3
    • Mozart Strings before school
    • Stephanie at AP meeting
    • Rachel and Erika at Novice Reduction training (yes, more training)
    • Raising Cane's Night for Longbranch


      • Collab planning for grade 4
      • ILT at 7:45am--bring any research you've been able to conduct and add to the agenda if there are things we need to discuss
      • Student Lighthouse Lunch
      • Beethoven Strings before school
      • Lighthouse after school
      • School Board meeting at 7:30. PLT doing the pledge.


      • Collab planning for grade 5
      • Montoyas for HH and Howl and the Moon for fun.
      • Happy Cart at 2pm

      This Week's Blog Highlight

      Erin Klein's Kleinspiration. I've seen her talk a few times. Always great.
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      PBLs for 17.18

      Please add your planned PBLs to this list. You have "edit" rights to this spreadsheet. Please update it.

      This info is also on the Lead Learners site on the front page.