Classroom Observations

By: Tricia Dye

My Observation Site

I chose to do my observations at Nelson Elementary. Nelson is a neighborhood school in my community. I hope to eventually teach at one of the local schools. The students are being taught how to use technology to help reinforce the lessons teachers are teaching them. The students are also learning how to become more independent before asking their teacher for help.
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My Observations

1. What types of technology were the K-12 students using throughout your field experience observation?

The Students utilized laptops and tablets as their technology use while I was there observing.

2. Did students appear to be more or less engaged in the lesson content while using technology?
The students were more engaged in the lesson when they knew they were going to be able to get on the laptop or tablet to practice their skills.
3. What was the teacher doing while the students used the technology?
The teacher walked around the room and monitored the students and helped them if there were any problems that came up. She would also ask them questions as she walked around the room to make sure they were understanding what they were doing.
4. What pros and cons did you observe related to the use of technology in the classroom?
There are several pros to the use of technology in the classroom. One big advantage to using technology would be to have information ready for them in a matter of minutes. It also helps save the use of paper. There are a couple of cons in regards to using technology. One being that it might not work properly, if this happens the teacher must be ready with an alternate lesson plan. Another con would be that the students might not use the technology properly. They might get onto sites they should not be on. For this reason it is very important that the teacher monitors the students throughout the lesson.
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Instructor Responses

Below is questions that I asked Mrs. Creekmore and her answers to the questions in regards to using technology in her classroom.
1. What are the benefits to students using technology in the classroom?
Mrs. Creekmore stated that technology in the classroom will better prepare them for future. It will keep them on cutting edge as are world technology continues to change, It will also help to keep them up to date on their skills and abilities.
2. What are the disadvantages for student use of technology?
Mrs. Creekmore stated that the students will be at a disadvantage if they are using outdated technology. It is important to try to keep the students up to date on technology because our world is changing so fast. Technology also can lead to the loss of team work, where important problem solving skills develop if it is focused only as an individual activity.
3. What is your favorite classroom technology? Why?
Mrs. Creekmore's favorite technology in the classroom is the projector. She likes to use it so that the class can use interactive materials from the curriculum with the computer to help enhance the learning.
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