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What is Hantavirus

Hantavirus is a virus similar to pneumonia but deadlier. Its a rodentborne virus spread by four types of mice and rats. If you touch or breath in the mice or rats urine or poop you may be at risk of hantavirus.

Yoesmite Facts

Yosemite is in Yoesmite Village, California. Your probably wondering why im adding this topic in my poster. Its because Yoesmite has had 10 reported and three deaths from Hantavirus. There are obviously many campgrounds in Yoesmite but the campground that had the most cases was Curry Village. This will not happen always happen when you visit Yoesmite but if you do make sure to stay away from any droppings or mice to make sure that you stay safe. One lady who had stayed at Curry Village had contratced Hantavirus and as soon as she was well she sued the park for 3.2 million dollars and her husband still expected more money. Although this lady does not have hantavirus today she still has lung problems and less energy. The deer mice at Yosemite were hiding in the walls installation so the workers took out the installation and set over 18,000 mouse traps.

Some symptoms are...

  • fever
  • chills
  • headache
  • vomiting
  • muscle ache
  • diarrhea
  • abdominal pain
  • cough
  • shortness of breath
  • fluid accumaiting the lungs
  • Low blood pressure
  • reduced heart efficency

Prevention and Affected Organ systems

To prevent yourself from getting Hantavirus you need to keep mice out of your home, set traps, seal holes with wire and reduce nesting material.

When you get Hantavirus you probably wonder "what is making me fell this way?" Well its your respiratory and your cardiovascular system acting up. Which includes your lungs, capillaries, your heart, and your kidneys.


The first known case of hantavirus was in 1952 with nearly 3,000 cases! Many states and countries have Hantavirus some are South America, Canada, Asia and the US. Reported cases from last year were 637 and 31 of those people died. You were probably wondering earlier "what kind of mice and rats cause hantavirus?" Well its the deer mouse, rice rat, white footed mouse, and the cotton rat.

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