on Preschool and Fifth Grade Buddies

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Preschool has 5th grade as their buddy class! This means that they are partners for the school year. The children refer to these students as their "big brother/sister" to look up to. This partnership helps the students bond with a different age group than their own.

Preschoolers are learning that they can have more friends outside of their own class. Having these relationships helps the little ones with peer learning and creating these types of moments helps the little ones feel more comfortable when there is a school event. They will see their older friends and feel at ease!

The 5th grade class sits with preschool during Mass days. This helps the preschoolers be still and appreciate the church setting a bit more. This type of relationship also helps 5th graders understand the needs of children younger than themselves.

Check out the wonderful pictures of our students enjoying each other's company. Way to go Angels!

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