Could this lead to a depression?

Black Tuesday

Last Tuesday, people all over the U.S.A. struggled to sell their stocks. As prices were going down on the stocks, people tried to sell everything they could before they lost all of their money once the prices were too low. Since everybody was selling, the prices dropped so much that the stocks became almost useless. This event is the worst that the United States, and maybe even the world, has ever seen. The economy is showing no signs of improvement since then, which is obviously a huge problem. Along with the banks shutting down and farmers not doing well, this could likely cause a severe depression within the United States.

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The Hoover Flags

After the crash on Tuesday, and other recent events in the economy, people have been turning to the president for help. The government has the ability to pay people living in poverty in order to relieve their pain. President Herbert Hoover, however, plans on not doing this at all, and he explained that he does not want the citizens to rely on the government. Without any relief plans from the government, and more people going into poverty from recent events, people have started to blame the president for not helping them with their problems. Citizens mock him in many ways, one being them calling empty, flipped out pockets "Hoover Flags", and another one being them calling towns made by people in poverty "Hoovervilles". It is likely that if Hoover does not change his plan for the United States, he will lose the election in 1933.

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