How to overcome hair loss

hair loss - you can win

Hair Loss - new approach

Hair loss is seen by many as a symptom resulting from stress or emotional stress which were in and so they blame themselves lack the ability to control the stress in their lives. They perceive Baldness as an awful punishment - and by looking it like that they worsen the situation. Baldness is not a punishment - it's a natural phenomena that most men will occur at some stage in their life.

Needless to say that the causes of baldness, or as called in Medical Organization alopecia, many and varied and are not necessarily related to tension or stress, so that self-flagellation - in this case unnecessary. Our hair is part of our bodies and for many is a tool for expression and identity definition.

Who is using different colors for painting him, who by extension, Gzizto or covering different covers. When we lose our hair, there is a sense that the hair lost part of our identity. Many balding initially refuse to believe that indeed hair began to fall out and rationalize it in a variety of excuses - from accusation weather, through the seasons, for the precarious mental state to the rest of the hair shampooed.

We convince ourselves that the situation will pass and everything will return to normal.

Many balding accepted their fate is known in advance, with the understanding that prevent her from doing inheritance. Depression following the baldness is only temporary baldness due to the fact that the process is slow and gives enough time to adjust to the new situation.

Although the market is saturated with products whose purpose to facilitate and regrow lost hairs, many conditions are required to do so, sometimes conditions are not available. No real solution and exacerbating the strange forms of baldness, depression increased, this time if there is no resignation will only exacerbate the problem.

The need to hide and conceal the bald head, or expensive experiments preparations defroster will not bring salvation and certainly not improve the mental state of balding. The only way to overcome this situation is to look up, look around and notice that one of three men are at some stage of loss hairs head.

While many narrow is small comfort, but it is certainly possible to find some solace. Baldness in general is a matter of fashion, if a bald man considered previously uninhabited review, consider and respected, today the ideal of beauty has changed, but nothing lasts forever and this can be comforting.

Leading to severe baldness image and self confidence with women and no doubt the initial stages of baldness are often funny and strange hair loss due to non-uniform. So often has to do with nature one hand and remove the remaining hair into a bald uniform, shiny and brilliant.

The bald hurry and get the new situation, ignore the problems of "non-issue and adopt a new look. There are even women prefer a smooth and shaved, so no reason to fear. Alopecia therefore, a common natural process and there is no reason to sink into depression because of it.

The reconciliation with the bald wealth to come, so will improve the quality of life of balding and maybe, who knows, he likes you more. Anyway, everyone knows that the pitcher, although it is beautiful, may be empty, so you should first look inside. The same can help develop social skills and foster a fuzzy appearance that was lost to them.

There is no doubt that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and as my mother always says - in her eyes, I always remained the most beautiful.

She even insists that I was born bald.