Mobile Apps in the Classroom

How mLearning tools can assist in K-12 learning!

Five Of The Top Apps & Tools That Can Enhance Teaching & Learning


Toontastic is a great app that is free for students to download. It allows for the easy creation of short stories using cartoon characters. It is an app that is geared more towards young learners, however, it could be used for high school students to explore creativity and allow them to work on expressing their thoughts in a short amount of words.


VoiceThread is a great way that students can display information effectively with classmates. Definitely designed for the older grade levels VoiceThread allows students to combine images and animation with voiceovers that hope to enrich the learning experience. It is an app that could also be used by the teacher in younger grade levels to effectively convey information or a lesson to the teacher's students.


A really cool app that is there for students to make podcasts. It is a great way for teachers to keep students routinely involved and engaged with the material as they could make a short podcast every week or two recapping the class content. Definitely more useful at older grade levels, but might also be an interesting way for primary teachers to communicate with parents.


A great app for early language learners. Whether it is the student's first language or their second or even third, they can learn using Duolingo. This app works great for students of any age as the levels that the app has for language learning range from beginning to intermediate. It is a great first step for any student learning a new language or any teacher who wants to recommend extra interactive practice to his/her students outside the classroom.


A unique app in that it allows for students to record video of themselves and use it for educational purposes. It is the only app on this list that utilizes video and is included because of the fascinating effects that video can have on kids of all ages. People love to get in front of the camera whether they are 5 or 50 years old. This works great for students of all ages and allows them to be creative with what they include in their video and how they present the required information.