Manhattan Project


How it began

Leó Szilárd was as Hungarian-American physicist and inventor. He made the nuclear chai reaction in 1933, and patented the idea of the nuclear reactor with Enrico Fermi. He also wrote the letter to Albert Einstein for his signature to start the Manhattan Project. The project was also inspired by the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

What was the Manhattan Project

It was the research and development of the first atom bombs during Wold War ll. it was Led by the United States but was also supported by the United Kingdom and Canada. Back then it was a 2billion dollar project. Now it would be a 26billion dollar project. It produced three nuclear bombs.

The Gadget

This atom bomb was created for a test run codenamed Trinity.

The Little Boy

This bomb was used in the bombing of Japan. It weighed 9,700 pounds and was about 10 feet long. It was filled with 140 pounds of uranium. When detonated the uranium is turned into massive amounts of heat and radiation. The blast was with the same force as 16kilotons (or 35,273,961 pounds) of TNT. This bomb was developed by Captain William S. Parson's Ordnance Division in the Los Almos Labratory.

The Fat Man

Developed by the same people. This bomb was also used in the bombing of Japan. It was an implosion-type bomb. This means that when it is detonated the implosion squeezes the plutonium core inside till it explodes. This bomb weighed 10,300pounds and was 10feet 8inches long. It's plutonium core weighed 14pounds.