Joesph Paopao

Tokyo, Japan

airfare schedule and cost

My flight will cost $523,0.00 for 2 passengers. My flight to Tokyo from Denver would

take 17hrs and 55min on the plane. They offer me breakfast and also lunch, and dinner. The flght would be a one way ticket to Tokyo Japan. Also I'm flying in first class with a kid for an wonderful experience to go to Tokyo Japan. You can make sure you have a good time and the family would be soo happy because they always Asked for to go. I'm also going to be flying first class with my kids and the flight is going to be 15hrs long because of delay in China for two hours coming from Denver International airport going to tokyo international Airlines


I will be staying at the radisson hotel narita for a mounth and a half a one way trip to the the hotel and i rented 9 rooms for my kids on this trip and in each room theres at least enogh for them not to be in a room and they will also be in a room by there self with realtives and the adults will have there own room and we have a pool a nice lobby they offer breakfeast lunch and dinner thats were i will be staying intill May o4 2014 to April 18 2014 and the flight is a round trip;label=kayak-hotel-251426_kid-nlhRru1S9bEeRf%24szrO9%24w;sid=43d511bbeb9b530d7482d0da03037818;dcid=1;chec


In Tokyo they are having a festvial the same day as i come to the tokyo airlines and they are also having something at the hotel like a welcome from the county and there will be a special dinner with me my wife so I can show her a special evening that she wants to know why we came to Tokyo so I can make sure how you can show. Her how to do my job and to check out why I got a free trip to Tokyo from Denver international airliness to Tokyo airliness and why we are here to be Herron a business trip and thatbim also going to have fun with my wife and kids on this wonder ful relaxing trip we are in the 5 star hotel most expensive also you are making life mercies u will never forget

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

You have to be worried that they dont have usally they very hard on money so they have alot of expensies in Tokyo japan that you dont even know that you had to pay for in Tokyo Japan so they would make sure that can be are ready to stay in that hotel the are very high mantince in that hotel they dont let you leave any trash when your done staying in that hotel that u are in and they charge you extra for anything that you even payed for that in that country. in Japan


This is gonna be a great trip for them to get a better understanding around the world so they can jave differnt kind of thinking skills about differnt religons from around the world and u may be able to countine on to that they treat you with respect and they are very nice and treat people the same as you wanted be treated and this trip would be better off to be on a good trip to be better off doing greater things in life you would usally not have as a kid in life this trip wilbe amazing