The Kite Runner Soundtrack

By: Evan Garcia and Scott Griffin

Amir's guilt over Hassan

When Amir sees Hassan being taken advantage of and does nothing to help, he feels an immense amount of guilt later. This guilt becomes an integral part of who Amir becomes, helping to shape the novel by existing throughout. In the Led Zeppelin song, the lyrics sing of a "monkey on [his] back" and refer to the drug addiction the singer can't shake, and the song fits with Amir as his 'monkey' is the guilt he carries with him.
LED ZEPPELIN - Nobody's Fault But Mine

Sohrab coming to America

After growing up in the war torn country of Afghanistan, when Sohrab finally comes to America he is overwhelmed with the new and different lifestyle he has. Even though he misses his parents and certain aspects of his old life he knows somewhere deep down that this new life could be good for him. We chose this song because similarly in the movie Jurassic Park, the overall feeling carried by the tune is one of wonder and amazement in a new land without knowing what to expect, which directly corresponds with Sohrab's journey to America.

Jurassic Park Theme Song - most popular version


This song we feel like represents the relationship between Amir and Soraya because during Amir's trip over to Afghanistan he constantly thinks what would happen would happen to her if he were to die in that country. She also puts up with Sobrah and all the challenges that he brings along. She never questions Amir and is there for him when he needs to spill his heart out about all that had happened, she is his 'bridge' over his 'troubled water'.

Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge over troubled water (with lyrics)


Hassan loses his childhood best friend and in turn loses his childhood innocence not only from the incident that occurred in the alley that one night but after that he and Amir started to drift away from each other because Amir cant handle seeing him anymore after the incident. Also since the accident Hassan went into his "cave" like Puff did in the song and didn't have anyone to talk to. He lost his childhood innocence and be cant talk about it to anyone and now after all this he is no longer a kid after all this.
Puff The Magic Dragon - A Children's Song Peter, Paul And Mary Cover w Lyrics

Amir and Sohrab

When Amir comes to the rescue of Sohrab, he has to become his support, both physically and emotionally. He finds a broken boy who is in desperate need of love and a father figure, and Amir is there to provide that to him. The song 'Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground' tells a similar story, talking of an angel rescued and nursed back to help with love, just how Amir had to be there for Sohrab after his lowest point.
Willie Nelson - Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground