Techie Tidbit Tuesday

October 13, 2015

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Quote of the Week

Creativity to piercing through the mundane to find the marvelous. ---- Bill Moyers

What is a Makerspace???

A Makerspace is a creative, DIY space where students can gather to create, invent and learn. The space is designed for hands-on exploration and participatory learning.

Students could build a family of robots out of legos or fold up zoo animals out of origami paper. Makerspace materials can be anything from paper and crayons to computers.... and anything in between.

I am in search for donations such as craft materials, paper rolls, duct tape, etc in support of the Makerspace Movement. If you have any materials just lying around, I would love to take it off your hands! Many thanks!

What is a Makerspace? - by

Makerspace Mondays in the Library

You may have heard some students talk about Makerspaces in the Library. Some students have been coming to the Library before school on Mondays to learn about and tinker with Makerspace materials. It's had great reviews and is kid-approved! I'm opening up the Library on Mondays during the day (check with me on times) for more building, inventing and learning. If you have students who would like to come on in, let me know!

Tool(s) of the Week - Classroom Website

Create your helicopter parents an off-site landing pad! ;-)

With a classroom website you can communicate clearly with your parents about what goes on in your classroom. This often gives them a chance to be more constructive with their feedback to you about their students' successes and struggles.

A classroom website can also educate the parents about your policies, goals, subject matter, and style - which allows them to help their students do better in your class.

Create a FREE, user-friendly website with any of the building platforms listed below.

Tip of the Week

Captain Underpants!

Do your students like the Captain Underpants series of books by Dav Pilkey? If so, they can visit his Website for a fun, interactive experience!


Mrs. Redfern is a Library Media Specialist and iCoach for Miss May Vernon Elementary.