Types of da Business

Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, and Corporate

What are the Types of Business?

The first kind of business is Sole Proprietorship, which is where a single person starts and owns a business. This is commonly something that is small, from simple garden shops to cafes.

The second kind of business is a Partnership, where two or more people go into a business and own it together. This is something that can be bigger, or maybe a family restaurant.

The last kind of business Corporate, which is where a board of directors control a business that is rather big, and usually has something in different steps of their business (they might own a farm where they get produce that they sell to).

Examples in North Carolina

A sole proprietorship in NC would be something like Body and Sole Therapy, which is a small business dealing with... therapy.

A partnership in NC would be something like Partnership for Children, a company that creates businesses for kids... I mean helps kids grow (and its a partnership...).

A corporate in NC would be something like Village Inn Pizza Corporate Headquarters, which is... the headquarters of the Village Inn Pizza company...

Man.. a lot of these titles are kinda... completely similar to what they do...

The Advantages and Disadvantages of these Businesses

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