Poetry Blast

By Koby Moore


Not everyone is born the same

But everyone plays the game

It doesn’t matter if you’re Black, White or even Korean

When get on the field everybody is cheering

Now that’s heart

Heart is a burning passion to do the right thing

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing shackles or golden bling-bling

Heart isn’t measured by thirty fancy cars

And definitely not earned by wishing on a shooting star

Heart is earned the hard way

Might be by weights or protecting the president’s lawn and steel gates

Heart is not defined by cheating to win

What really matters is when you get the pin and crowned champion

You win with heart and courage plus a little ounce of luck

But score across that goal line can’t be stopped

When it comes down to busy

We are all in in this together with passion, love and sharing

That’s heart

Life is filled will promises

That you will keep

It’s courage when you get beat up but that’s when you step up

Now that’s heart

Preform on a grandest stage of them

And you escape will a win

Not you, but team is named champion

Now that’s heart!

The end

Call of Duty

Call of Duty

He joined the Force

He wanted serve

He wanted to put his life on course

What he wanted to do took a lot of nerve

he knew it was going to be one dang furious fight

When the Force landed there, a lot of fear was in the air

But as always Ole Rudy did not care

He hoped in his armored truck

He barley missed a land mine

Although he was fine

He heard whistle

He looked up

It was a nuclear missile


Everything went silent

Sadly Rudy’s life was doomed

She received the call,

The news destroyed her soul,

She took a nasty fall,

Her heart was black as coal

Koby's year

He’s a fun guy

A guy with a plan

Did you know he’s got big hands?

No matter what you say to him positive or even negative

It does not disturb him

He’ll just keep coming back for more

Man did know this guy plays some baseball

He’s just like Babe Ruth

Also his nickname is “The Truth”

This guys is the man

When you compliment him, his ego expands

Man, sometimes he can act dumb

But when annoys you, your brain goes numb!

He’s the best in the world

You know you fools can’t deny that

He needs no swag just look at some of his hats

Though sometimes he might be a little bit weird

When I broke my wrist that didn’t stop me from doing a cheer on those sidelines

A couple months went by sooner or later my wrist was fine

Now he can almost look forward to his junior year

Before that summer is near

He heck yeah I wait

but what if I’m late for school

the very first day

so I hope we have a two hour delay

For him sophomore year was fun but

He thinks his junior year will beat

Having fun in the sun.

The end