Holiday Time Switches

China– 10 September 2013- A website whose is mission is to provide superior quality and advanced time switches has just released a new sophisticated product. Word has it that Any Electronics Co., Ltd has launched a new time switch called the Holidy Time Switch ATP1006-5. The people behind Any Electronics Co., Ltd stress that this latest development will greatly benefit a lot of companies, households and industries. As sources have said, the Holidy Time Switch ATP1006-5 is applicable for regularly controlling on switch-on and off of street lamps, advertising light boxes, and other equipment in automatic control circuit with AC frequency of 50Hz. To check out the Holidy Time Switch ATP1006-5 as well as the other time switches from Any Electronics Co., Ltd., visit their official website at

With the Holidy Time Switch ATP1006-5, rest assured that you will get a superior time switch that would last for a number of years. As with the other time switches from Any Electronics Co., Ltd., the Holidy Time Switch ATP1006-5 has passed the international standards. Basically, Holidy Time Switch ATP1006-5 complies with requirements of IEC 60947-5-1 and GB 14048.5.

The Holidy Time Switch ATP1006-5 has a rated of control power voltage of AC (50Hz) 220V, and a conventional thermal current of 16A. Moreover, it has the electric endurance of more or less `10,000 times. As a time switch, the Holidy Time Switch ATP1006-5 has a time control scope of one minute up to 168 hours. To get the complete specifications of the Holidy Time Switch ATP1006-5, download the product’s full specifications.

About Any Electronics Co., Ltd

Headquartered in Liushi, China, Any Electronics Co., Ltd is an electronic product supplier that is committed to providing the latest technological developments. The Any Electronics Co., Ltd specializes in developing superior and innovative electronic products, including switch power supply, solid state relay, optical screen sensors, photo-electronic switches, inductive linear sensors, proximity switches, programmable digital timers, and a whole lot more.

Any Electronics Co., Ltd provides services in lightning control, solar control, automation industry, control device, oil and mining industry, distribution transmission, motor system control and machinery manufacturing. On top of that, the company provides new OEM services and product development. All the services offered from Any Electronics Co., Ltd comply with ISO9002.

Any Electronics Co., Ltd’s products have been exported to more than eight countries world, such as South Africa, Southeast Asia, USA and Europe. With their competitive price and high quality products, it is no surprise that this company has gained a good reputation among its customers. Noel James Varona, an electrical engineer in Thailand, said “I’m very impressed with the quality and durability of this company’s time switches and relays. As far as I’m concerned, no other online site provides better and sturdier time switches than Any Electronics Co., Ltd. On top of that, the rates for their products are very affordable and reasonable.

Any Electronics Co., Ltd has a blog that will help users get a better grasp of the products they are offering. Aside from providing specifications about their products, this blog will also help you expand your knowledge in electronics.


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