Travel Guide of Earth

Some places to go


There are many places on earth you could visit like Disney world or the redwoods, but today I'm focusing on 3 places Colorado river, Japan (archipelago) and the upper peninsula

The Islands of Japan

Japan is a warm environment with many thing to do

Packing List

Light clothes and if your mountain climbing than have a coat and mountain climbing gear fresh water and healthy snacks
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Japan has a few hazards such as tsunami's and volcanos but to me the opportunitys rule out the challenges


There is mountain climbing and viewing the volcanos as well as seeing the amazing buildings

Colorado river


Colorado river multiclimated during the summer it can be around 60 deggrese Fahrenheit and in the winter it's around 30 deggrese Fahrenheit


tourism, and fishing


Scence it's at the Grand Canyon you can fall in from a loose piece of dirt, and sandstorms

Packing List

If your staying season wide a, a coat, boots (possibly snowpants) and for warm season flip flops a t-shirt and shorts

Upper Peninsula


Is cold and snowing in winter and in summer is like 40 deggrese


The great lakes, tourism


Cold weather, bears

Packing List

Coat warm cloths boots


Predators such as bear and wolves, climate because it can get really cold in the winter.


Dividing into continents, time zones, states

Travel tips

In all of these places you need to be careful for any hazards (tsunami's, predators falling in, etc .)

Suggestions for Places to Visit.

In the upper peninsula visit the bear zoo, in japan visit Hong-Kong. in the Colorado river visit the grand canyon