Blake McGath and Matthew Kennedy

Iraq's Geography

  • Located in Asia
  • Close to Indian Ocean, Close to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Syria and Kuwait
  • The capital is Baghdad and Erbil, Mosul, Dahuk
  • 168,754 square miles
  • Land forms are deserts
  • Iraq's natural resources are petroleum and natural gasses


  • Iraq is a agricultural country
  • Export: Oil, Gas, Petroleum
  • Import: Food, Medicine, Fabric
  • One american dollar is equal to 1,106.37 Iraqi dinar


  • Iraq's Government is a republic
  • Iraq has a president
  • Iraq has 250,000 soldiers and has low technology
  • Iraq likes North Korea, India and all muslim countries
  • Iraq doesn't like US, UK and all UN members
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History- 5 important events

  • First Gulf war
  • USA vs Iraq war
  • Operation Desert Fox
  • Black water Shootings
  • Saddam executed

Social Structure

  • Class system is the court of cassation
  • Religion is Islam
  • Palestinians and persians are their ethnic groups
  • Life expectancy is 69 years
  • They speak Arabic
  • The people get 12 years of education