Threats of Violence

It's not an expression of love, so don't be fooled.

What are threats of violence?

Threats of violence is when a victim is an abusive relationship and the abuser scares the victim by using threats or another form of intimidation.

These type of threats are usually used to make the victim do something that they wouldn't normally do, or something they are not comfortable with.

If this is occurring in your relationship; tell an adult right away. It won't get any better.

Why does the abuser use threats of violence?


These threats can include threatening to hurt, break, or kill something or someone close to the victim. For example:

"If you dump me I will kill you"

"If you ever talk to him again I will hurt your family."

"I will damage your house if you don't have sex with me."

Threats like these are NOT okay. This is NOT an expression of love.

Threats of violence are more dangerous then they seem.

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They can drive someone so far that they will just give up.

If you or someone you know is experiencing this kind of abuse, or any kind of abuse, don't keep it to yourself. It can get more serious than you can even imagine.