Tips on Taking care of a Dog

Mikaela Roper

"You are the pack leader, not your dog" says Ceaser Milan in the dog whisperer. By that he meant you are in charge not your dog. In this passage i'm going to inform you about how to take care of a dog. Exercise, discipline, and affection that's the order you need to go in. According to Margaret Roach "most dogs stay inside for about twenty-two hours a day, which makes them stressed and tensed up. "This is why they need exercise even if it's only ten minutes long.

Dogs need discipline, just like humans do. If you don't give them the discipline they deserve at times they will learn that they are incharge not you. "You must assume the dominant position in your home.If you don't , your dog will" said Ceaser Milan in the dog whisperer. Dogs are pack oriented so if you don't establish to be dominant your dog will, if your dog assumes that role, that could lead to problems. Such as your dog may become overprotective, tense, or out of control.

Affection is probably the most important one if you don't show it towards them they will act out and misbehave. What's the point of owning a companion ( dog ) if you love them or show that you love them? Another reason why you should show affection to your is that this could lead to stress and acting out from your dog. The most exciting part of my day is when I get home and see the happiest face I've ever seen on my dog. All of these things that I listed are very helpful in my opinion. To be completely truthful I didn't know about this stuff when I got a dog, and it is a little harder to train them once you get to know them. Taking care of a dog is easy if you follow these steps!


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