Perseverance at its Best

People who have overcame all odds by: Jahnae Moore

Oscar, Christian, Louis, and Lorenzo from Spare Parts by Joshua Davis: four teenage boys that beat one of the best engineering schools in an underwater robotics competition (Sequence)

They persevered through adversities and mustered up courage. They even ended winning in the long run. Here are a few highlights of the boys' road to victory.
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Jim Carrey: From a drop-out janitor to a successful comedian(Description)

We all know Jim Carrey by his crazy personality and funny impersonations. From his hit films "Dumb and Dumber", "The Mask" and many more, but have you ever heard of his challenging past? Yep, Jim didn't start out as a promising comedian.

Jim was born on January 17th, 1962 in Newmarket, Canada. At the age of 15, Jim had to drop out of school to support his family as a janitor. He then tried to pursue his comic career and it wasn't an easy start. His first stand-up at Yuk Yuk's comedy club bombed and he started to doubt his dream. He then auditioned for SNL season 1980-81 and he failed to get the part. Even after facing failure at the beginning of his dream, Jim persevered through those adversities. One example of his perseverance is that he quit his job as a janitor, and started making a living as an opening act for a few successful comics. He then left Canada and headed to west Hollywood. He starred in "Introducing...Janet.", "Unnatural act." and the hit tv show "In Living Color." Later on, he debut in what became some of the most famous movies he starred in. Another reason is that In the past when Jim was struggling, he wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars for his acting services. In 1995, Jim's asking price doubled the amount he first thought it would be. By adhering to his dream, Jim became a noble comic and is known worldwide.

Caine from "Caine's Arcade": A nine year old boy's small cardboard arcade becomes famous worldwide! (Cause+Effect)

Who'd ever think of making a whole arcade out of cardboard? Well, one nine year old boy named Caine did.

Caine was a visionary young boy from a small part of east L.A. He came up with an idea of making a whole arcade by himself out of cardboard. Caine came across adversities along his way of recognition. Because of his father's business being online, it affected the number of customers he got. When he did, they would ignore his offer to play and leave. You'd think someone who made a whole arcade by himself would at least get support from his peers, wrong. Caine was proud of his arcade, but that was soon shut down after people made fun of him thinking that he was lying. As a result of that, Caine didn't wear his shirt and felt embarrassed. Despite of people bullying him, he didn't yield. By him not giving up, a very kind person came along and became Caine's first customer. This generous person decided that Caine's arcade is something to be recognized and wanted to get more customers for Caine. After posting an online event on Facebook about Caine's arcade, the number of fans spiraled out of control! Over 200,000 liked the event and people from around the world wished they could go. Caine's arcade became very popular all because of him not giving up and by that one person believing in him. At the flash mob, NBC news even showed up. This was a big triumph for him, and now Caine's arcade became an inspiration for kids with big dreams across the globe.

Imagination Defeats Dyslexia. Stephen J Canell from "Inside Every Daydream was a Hollywood Script.": (Problem+Solution)

Canell wasn't the best student. In school he was struggling to read, and flunked school three times. He was asked to leave each of those three times. He learned later on that he had dyslexia. Even though of his academic failure, he had athletic success in football and track. He also had a supportive father who went through the same learning disability. He was a slow reader, but had a great imagination. In 1961, he got a football scholarship to the University of Oregon, but he later lost it due to his poor grades. Even though Canell had a difficult time in his early life time, his love of writing helped him to become resilient. His interest in writing grew and grew. After work, he came home to write for one hour, two hours, and went on to four. His hope and passion kept him to continue doing what he enjoyed. In 1966, he sold a script for a television series called Adam 12. After that, he began creating or co-creating more shows than anyone else has in television history. Stephen then became the largest independent producer of prime-time television, and also received a number of Emmy Awards. Later on he established his own studio, which has surpassed $1 billion dollars. As you can see, Stephen had a difficult time growing up. He thought he was inadequate, but with the support of his father and mother he overcame that. He went from a flunking student to one of the most successful figures in the television history.

Best friends who come from different worlds, both have the same problems. Carley vs. Toni from Lynda Mullaly Hunt's book "One for the Murphys."(Compare and Contrast)

Both faced similar and different adversities. Most overwhelming and some just natural. Here are a few comparisons and differences between these two dysfunctional friends.
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