Liberty Academy Newsletter

February 10, 2016

School Friendly Snacks

Students are welcome to bring snacks to school, but we are unable to provide utensils for them. Here are some great "school friendly" snacks to consider: granola bars, fresh fruit, nuts, small bags of pretzels/chips, and other snacks that do not require forks, spoons or plates to eat. Thank you for helping us to keep students energized and focused, while minimizing time out of class!

ACT Prep Registration!

Please use THIS LINK to go to the high school ACT PREP sign up website! Work to raise your ACT score! Enroll now!

Liberty Academy Announces our Teacher of the Year! JENNIFER SELOCK

Liberty Academy is proud to recognize Mrs. Jennifer Selock as our teacher of the year. Mrs. Selock is the Missouri Option/Flex/Compass teacher at LA. She will go on to represent Liberty Academy at the Northland Chamber Banquet and is eligible to be considered for the LPS Teacher of the Year.

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Academy TALENT SHOW!!!

The Academy will be presenting its FIRST ANNUAL Talent Show this Spring! (Date to be announced at a later time)
Do you have a talent to share? Academy students: Show us what you can do!!
Singing, Rap Battles, Dancing, Gymnastics, Cultural Traditional Skills, family friendly stand up – you tell us!!!
All families will be invited to attend!
Encourage your Academy Student to share their talents for all to enjoy!

To join the planning committee please register on our Academy Home page.

To register an act – contact Mrs. Christine Patterson at

From Ms. Smith: Communications Arts I and II

Communication Arts I

Your son/daughter has an assessment on Thursday, February 11 over The United States Vs Susan B. Anthony. The bonus question will be comparing and contrasting the "I Have A Dream and Glory and Hope” speeches. Thank you for your support.

Communication Arts II

Your son/daughter has an assessment on Thursday, February 11 over "The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses by Bessie Head. Bonus question will be taken from "Cranes”. Thank you for your support.

Interested in the Career Center next year?

Are you a CURRENT sophomore or junior...and are interested in...Animation & Digital Media? Aviation? Auto Technology? Agriculture Education? Carpentry/Construction? Culinary Arts? Computer Technology? Diesel Technology? Electrical Trades? Health Science? EMT? HVAC? Firefighter? Industrial Welding? IT Professions? Law Enforcement/CSI? Marketing Management? Practical Nursing? Teaching Professions?

If you are, it's time to investigate the CAREER CENTERS for next year! Information is available outside of Mrs. Streu's office, on Mrs. Streu's website, and you can find more information below!

But HURRY! Applications and SHADOWING are done in February! Everything is due March 1st!

Career Center video for Liberty Academy

Area Food Pantry

Grace Episcopal Church, 520 S. 291 Highway in Liberty, MO, has a walk-in food pantry. Food is available to anyone, no documentation of need required. Hours are Wednesdays from 9am-3pm and Saturdays from 9am-11am. For questions or concerns you can contact the church at 816-781-6262.

New Security System Installed in ALL LPS Schools!

Liberty Public Schools continues efforts to ensure our students and staff are safe while at school. While LPS currently considers our buildings safe with state-of-the-art security systems in place, we are excited to announce that building security will be receiving upgrades at each building site.

Over the course of the next several weeks, your child’s school will be receiving a new visitor pass management system upgrade. This process is expected to begin the week of January 19, 2016, at the high schools, and then continue in the weeks following to other sites throughout the district. It is expected that all school facilities will be fully operational with the new system within the next month.

There are several important benefits this new system is expected to provide to our buildings. They include:

An instantaneous sexual offender background check will be run for each and every visitor to our schools.
Visitor badges will be issued for each visitor and will include their picture and where they are visiting.
This system will be used to verify who has the authority to pick a child up from school.
This system allows those on the LPS No Trespass List to be identified immediately.
This system will track volunteers and their time spent in our schools.
All visitors must present a government-issued ID as they enter a school facility. These types of IDs include: driver’s license, state-issued identification card, military ID, etc.

We appreciate your partnership as we continue safety and security upgrades. As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me directly, or call our LPS Safety and Security Department at 816.736.7319.

Liberty North Courtwarming Information

We are excited to celebrate the classic movie, Grease, with this year's We Got Wins, They're Multiplying Courtwarming festivities.

Courtwarming is a fun-filled week, celebrating our winter activities, the supporters of these programs, and it is a time to celebrate our school traditions and showcase our Eagle Pride! From spirit days throughout the week to the basketball games and dance Friday night, there is something fun for everyone to enjoy!

Be sure to check the STUDENT COUNCIL PAGE for info pertaining to this year’s Courtwarming festivities.