Hand Dryers for ICMS

Help reduce trash

Handryer in the bathroom at ICMS

We should have hand dryers in the bathrooms in ICMS because first in makes less mess by paper towels not being on the ground. It will make the the bathroom cleaner. There will be less deforestation around the area because we are not using paper towels. The cost will be less compared to paper towels because the average cost for paper towels per year is $1,032.00 dollars. The cost for a hand dryer is 60-120 dollars and will not need to be replaced often.

Disadvantages of paper towels at ICMS

  • We need to get rid of paper towels because it is hurting the environment. Another reason is the switch to hand dryers will cost less in the feature. This will also waste less trees.Less mess in the bathrooms at ICMS this will help the school and maybe one day the whole earth. This why we need to switch to hand dryers.
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Presentation Day

Wednesday, March 30th, 12:45-1:30pm

11051 Covington Bypass Road

Covington, GA

Advantges of hand dryers

We don’t need paper towels because it causes deforestation around the globe. Paper towels are made from wood which obviously means the cutting down of trees and especially in the amazon rain forest. Cutting down the rain forest is very dangerous to humans trees provide us with oxygen. We as humans need oxygen to live. So by making more paper towels to waste we are wasting our trees and our oxygen as well. More trees are being cut down for human use for any other thing that’s bad because at the rate of deforestation we will be dead in the next 400 years! The area with the most deforestation is Indonesia this is because there gross domestic product is wood and lumber products.