8th Grade News This Week

SBMS Pirates

Progress reports

Progress reports go out today, Monday, September 19. Please ask students for a copy of their current progress report. Please sign them and have students return them to their teachers by Wednesday. If you have any questions, please contact that particular teacher.

If you need to schedule a conference, our planning time is from 11:00 am until 12:30 pm. Thursday, September 22 is an early release day. Students will be released at 11:30 am.

Langauge Arts- Mrs. Meyer

In Language Arts this week, we will be finishing up our Scholastic Scope article on "Why are your clothes so cheap." This is just one of the informational texts that we will be reading while focusing on our theme for the nine weeks which is Powerlessness. After that, we will read another article titled "My dad is in prison." This article discusses how one 15-year is trying to overcome the fact that his father is in prison and how he is helping others like him. We will have another noredink.com lesson on Monday on more commonly confused words (part 2). Students will see the power point presentation on Edmodo and have the quiz completed by Friday.

Please remember that Thursday is an ERPD. Students will be dismissed at 11:30.

Math- Ms. Morris

Math 1: We will complete a lesson on simplifying expressions using the Properties of Exponents. We will have a short test and then move into the Unit on Equations and Expressions starting with writing verbal expressions with variables.

Math 8: We will complete the unit on Rational Numbers and the Real Number System this week. Our focus will be on exponents and roots.

Parents information on Remind101 will be coming home this week. Please ask your student about this.

Social Studies- Mr. Trees

This week in Social Studies we will be studying the Colonial Period of US and NC History. We will begin on Monday by finishing up our skits on the Bill of Rights and then move into a set of notes on the earliest English settlements of Roanoke Island, Jamestown and Plymouth. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will complete a lesson on SAS Curriculum Pathways that will examine the 3 colonial regions (Northern (New England), Middle, and Southern) and illustrate their similarities and differences. There will be a quiz on these colonies and regions on Thursday, and we will wrap up the week with an in-depth look at the North Carolina colony on Friday. Please check Edmodo for more information on specific assignments as I post a daily agenda of all work that we do in class.

Science-Mr. Miller

In science this week we will be beginning our Chemistry unit by studying matter. We will focus on how to determine the difference between pure substances and mixtures. We should be able to complete a lab on this topic and be ready by Friday to take a small quiz on Matter. Please check edmodo for daily assignments.

Upcoming Dates

Upcoming dates at SBMS


September 19: Interim Reports

September 19: ATP Meeting 2:30 pm

September 19: Softball Game (SBMS at NBMS) - Go Pirates!

September 19: Heart & Sole kicks off!

September 20: Coast Guard Boating Class for 8th grade students kicks off!

September 20: Football Game (TMS at SBMS) - Go Pirates!

September 21: Softball Game (TMS at SBMS) - Go Pirates!

September 22: ERPD 11:25 am - please note that all students will dismiss at 11:25 am and lunch will be served.

September 26: Softball Game (SBMS at SWMS) - Go Pirates!

September 27: Football Game (SBMS at SWMS) - Go Pirates!

September 28: Fall Pictures

September 28: Softball Game (DMS at SBMS) - Go Pirates!


October 3: Custodian Appreciation Day - thank our fantastic custodial team for all they do for our school community!
October 3: Softball Game (NWP at SBMS) - Go Pirates!
October 4: Football Game (DMS at SBMS) - Go Pirates!
October 5: Softball Game (SBMS at JCMS) - Go Pirates!
October 5: B Football Game at SMBS vs. Newport

October 6: Pirate Parents 6pm
October 6: Hats off for Cancer - $1 donation
October 10-14: National School Lunch Week
October 11: Football Game (NWP at SBMS) - Go Pirates!
October 13: B Football Game at Pamlico 5:00pm

October 17: Girls Soccer Tryouts begin
October 17: Chorus Concert 6pm
October 18: Football Game (SBMS at JCMS) - Go Pirates!
October 20: Career Day
October 20: ERPD 11:25am
October 24: Wrestling Tryouts begin
October 25: Orchestra Concert 6pm
October 27: Fall Festival 5pm

Grading Policy

Policy Highlight - Grading/Promotion

Promotion Policy #3420

Students in grades 6 - 8 shall meet state and local promotion requirements to include demonstrating at grade level as identified by the state end-of-grade tests, observations, grades, teacher-generated, locally-generated, and state-generated assessments; work samples, portfolios, and/or other factors in all areas of the curriculum.

It is recognized that the final authority to grade and classify is the responsibility of the principal, in accordance with G. S. 115C-288(a). The principal shall consider the pupil's classroom work and grades, the student's scores on standardized tests, and the best educational interests of the student.

Students in grades six through eight must earn a passing grade in a minimum of five yearlong or equivalent yearlong combination curricular classes, two of which should be language arts and mathematics.

Grades on report cards will be numerical:

Grading Scale

A: 90 - 100

B: 80 - 89

C: 70 - 79

D: 60 - 69

F: Below 60

Principal's List: List of students who make all A's on their report card.

Honor Roll: List of students who make only A's and B's on their report card.

Progress Reports and Report Cards

In order to keep parents aware of their child's progress, each teacher will send a progress report every three weeks to each student's parent for their signature. Parents are encouraged to call their child's teacher when a question arises. Teachers are available for conferences during their team planning period or after school. Report Cards will be issued according to the school calendar. Please see school calendar for dates. Report card envelopes should be signed and returned the following day.