Beowulf Hero or Zero?

DeAndre Ellis

What is Hero?

A Hero is long narrative poem pursuit of a goal reflects values of his or her culture.
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Who is Beowulf?


Beowulf is a story that was written in the time period of the Anglo Saxon. Beowulf is one of the strongest, toughest, most brave, and courageous men that has ever fought. Beowulf is a noble birth and he is also the nephew of the Geats King.

Is Beowulf a Hero?

Hero not Zero

Beowulf is a heroic man who fought many creatures to keep everyone safe. He didn't fight for rewards he fought because that's what he wanted to do. He jumped in a very dark lake that was filled with creatures. Beowulf is a hero because he take on battles that he didn't have to fight. He was very courageous and he was definitely fearless. Beowulf was never afraid to take a challenge and when he did he never backed no matter what the turn out of the fight was going to be. Hero's are respected and he was well respected by everyone.

Battles of Beowulf

Grendel and Grendel's Mom

When Beowulf battled Grendel he knew that the sword could not pierce his scaly skin so he did what most people would never do he defeated Grendel with his hands. "Had he met a man whose hands were harder. His mind was flooded with fear-but nothing could take his talons and himself from that tight hard grip. Grendel's one thought was to run from Beowulf, flee back to his marsh and hide there" 275-280(pg.470) If anyone has the courage to fight a creature twice the size without any weapon and just your hands that shows that he is a hero. Later on in the poem Beowulf and his men and some of the Danes go to the lake where Grendel and his mother lived. Beowulf and his men stared they were all questioning if he should go into the lake then Beowulf "He leaped into the lake , would not wait for anyone's answer" 450 (pg.53) Beowulf eventually defeated them and for his prized possession was Grendel's head.
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Beowulf's Last Howl

Battle with Fire Breathing Dragon

50 years later after all of the battles, Beowulf seeks disturbance from a fierce fire breathing dragon that lives up in a mountain. Beowulf being older and not being able to move like he use to still decides to fight the dragon. Beowulf fights hard for a long period of time and eventually he dies. His people were very loyal and they made a monument for Beowulf and then they put all of his things under the monument. Beowulf was well respected and it affected the many of his men.
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