Nord's Newsletter

February 16-19, 2016


I will be benchmarking the students in reading this week and a substitute will be in the room all day on Tuesday while I pull students one-on-one to assess the students this semester. The remainder of the week will be spend on point of view and starting their animal research report.


Unit 6 has came and gone...the class average for the test was 84. I was extremely pleased with the students improvement in explaining how they got their answer. They have come a long way with this portion on the test.

Unit 7 will cover the following:
  • liquid volume
  • number stories with measures
  • comparing fractions
  • fractions on number lines

Junior Achievement with Ms. Siegel

Ms. Siegel will be coming to the classroom every Friday to do some lessons through Junior Achievement. Her lesson taught the students about how there are five zones-industrial, residential, manufacturing, agriculture, and business. Students were given a pop-up building to name and color too. Once they were done coloring their building, they had to decide which zone to put their building.

Valentine Party

Thanks to Melissa Hartung, Whitney Sibley and Shelly Trotter for organizing the craft, games and getting the food for the students. The students had a ton of fun along with a ton of sugar. It was a success that is for sure!!

Schedule for the Week

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Art & Library

Thursday: PE
**Lifetime Spring Pictures**

Friday: Music
Junior Achievement with Ms. Siegel