The Future is Here!

Bring Sharen home!

Meet Sharen

Sharen is a robot designed to help you around the house with everyday chores. There are two sizes one size is for smaller chores in smaller places, the other is to help with the larger things. Her arms can sweep up anything and vacuum up the crumbs, her legs can mop, or sweep, she can dust around the house and she will even keep you company!

Come get your Sharen today!

The smaller sized Sharen will only cost $599.00. It is about a foot tall and can slide in hard to reach areas. The larger Sharen will cost $1,200.00. The larger model can help out with the harder chores and her arms can still get into the hard to reach areas.


You will be able to purchase your Sharen at the Apple store or in Bed Bath and Beyond. You can order your Sharen on the Apple website.