Immigrate to Canada

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Immigration Requirements

If you're looking to work in Canada you have to complete a formal application and submit it to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You will have to pay an application fee. If you have passed the test with the required amount of points, then you will have to go through and pass a medical exam that shows you do not have an illness that could endanger Canadians or strain Canada's healthcare system. And finally, you will have to pass a security check that shows that you have no criminal record and you are not a security risk to Canada.

This is the life for you!

Why should you move to Alberta? There are lots of reasons to move to Alberta, such as

a good, strong economy, beautiful country. Alberta is also a very safe place to live in,

and like the rest of Canada, it has a very good healthcare system, and unlike places

such as the United States, its a free healthcare system.

What types of job opportunities are there in Alberta? Alberta is full of jobs, and in many

different fields. Now is a great time to come to Alberta, as we are in need of skilled

workers in many different fields. You could work in the trades as an electrician, welder,

pipe fitter, etc. You could also come to work in Alberta's oil sands, which are also full of

opportunities. Those are just a few opportunities in Alberta.

What is life in Alberta like?

Alberta is a great, and safe place to live. Alberta is full of different attractions within, and

outside of urban areas. Alberta has the Rocky Mountains, and with that has Jasper and

Banff National Parks, has nice lakes, and rivers, parries, and the badlands are to the

south. Alberta is a diverse province. Living in the cities is also nice. The two biggest

cities in Alberta are Calgary, and Edmonton, the latter being the capital of Alberta. Life in

the cities is clean, as is living outside of the cities. Alberta is a beautiful place to live.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada