The Sprout Scoop

What is "The Sprout Scoop"?

If you haven't guessed already, "The Sprout Scoop" is the internal newsletter I will be sending out to all of you on a monthly basis. Ideally, this update will be posted on the staff portal of the Sprout website. Since the portal is in its' infancy, the first update will be sent out via email. This is a fun and functional way to keep you informed on the happenings here as well as events that may be coming up. I will also add some fun features or hilarious jokes, so, I highly recommend that you read this document in its' entirety. Who knows? You might even see a cute kitty video.

What ever became of the Communications Plan?

The Communications Plan is now the Implementation Plan!

Here's what that means: I have begun to schedule "outreach" tools on my calendar based upon Laura's plan. Below are some items that are part of my work that will need broader staff input:

- I have now been trained on the inner workings of our website. That mean's that the staff portal will soon have information on it, and other bugs will be worked out. (Jackie your pic is finally on there!). Now we need your help! Please go over the website and email me any corrections/additions/deletions that need to be made. Fun Fact: At April staff meeting we will be having a virtual scavenger hunt on our website. Prepare now so you can impress all during the meeting. *(This month's hidden trivia question: What is the first core value listed on our website? Email me the answer. First one to email me wins a $15 KBay gift card at our next staff meeting)

- Newsletters will be drafted the first Monday of each month. The Monday prior to that (essentially the last Monday of the prev. month) I will be reaching out to specific staff for input on developmental appropriate activities, events, or other early learning driven information that would coalesce nicely with the newsletter. Please don't ignore my emails, because I know where you work.

-Flyers for program events. As you all know we are working hard to have consistent messaging. I will be creating a template for flyers. If you have any event/opportunity you would like to publicize please let me know at least one week before you want the information shared. Bear in mind that advertising for an event should begin no less than two weeks before the event. 4 weeks optimal. That means that I will need to know 3-5 weeks before an event is to take place.

-52 weeks of ECD is about to kick off. Part of the Communications Plan is to focus on a different aspect/tip of Early Childhood Development weekly, over the next year. I will be drawing information from the ASQ manuals and the PAT manual. These tips will also coincide with what will be happening in our community. For example, the week of the Go Blue Rally will include info on ACEs. I am open to all suggestions. ( But please before the 31st of March!)

New P.T. person!

JoAnna Riley is now here. She is currently consulting the ELP team.
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Program Updates


*Congratulations Jeanne, Tara and Carrie for receiving scholarships to go to the Infant Mental Health Conference!!!!

Below is information on the ILP Family Fee. This is a new requirement by the state and is quite common among states in the lower 48. Since this is new and we are awaiting more information from the State, below is a simple overview of the ILP family fee. Once more information is available we will pass it on to you.

ILP – System of Payments

· All families will have to pay a fee, unless enrolled in Denali Kid Care

· This regulation has been approved by OSEP

· All programs must comply asap, but no later than July 1

· Support will be coming to staff to implement as the State makes it available

· This information is only in-house right now (please do not discuss this outside of Sprout staff)


The FTP team is more than half way through their inaugural Circle of Security Training. They trainings have been well received and attended! The team hopes to provide more Circle of Security workshops in the future. (The current training will not be accepting any new participants).

Grant Month is upon us! Please update your resumes, in a Word document, and send them to your Program Manager by Friday, Apr. 1!!