Acceptance for All People

Judge people by what they can become.

In 1975 the unemployment rate for blacks was twice as much as the white population.

About 10% white and blacks were about 20% unemployed

In 1970 the high school drop out rate for blacks was also twice as much then the white population

13% white and 27% black drop outs

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What has become of the civil rights movement

Racism is still a very real thing in this nation that still needs to be resolved

Just like North and South Korea there war only ended in a ceasefire.

The civil rights movment only ended the problem at hand but didnt compinsate for the emotional state of the nation.

Like the article said, "We seem to live under an uneasy truce."

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A start to a solution

Racism isn't only between white and black people

I think that a common misconception is that every Arab is a terrorist

We should not discriminate them for trying to make a better life in America the best country on earth

Even though this country has suffered from many terrorist attacks this doesn't mean that every Arab is a terrorist

In my opinion the only way to completely rid this country of racism is to have have both sides recognize there faults and have empathy and compassion on one another, as well as forgiveness.

This video really shows how much racism is still out there in America

Here are some was to help stop racism

  1. Don't say anything racist yourself
  2. Stand up to those being harassed based on race
  3. Help spread the word on peace between races