Jumping Into the Technology Age!


Dear Parents,

Here at the Frankfort Thomas Grant School we have an exciting announcement. We are jumping into the technology age! We believe that a 1:1 mobile learning classroom would be very beneficial in continuing and enhancing your students education. What is a 1:1 classroom? This program allows for each student and teacher to be provided with a mobile device. What about the cost? FTG is easily able to provide students and teachers with this technology due to our small size as a school system.

There are many benefits to using technology in the classroom! Among the many features, technology is useful for each and every subject matter. Many different educational apps and websites are readily available for students use. Mecklenburg County Public Schools are an example of one of the many schools who have implemented the 1:1 mobile learning classroom. The link provided below shows MCPS handbook of how mobile learning devices are used in their schools as well as the benefits!

We want each parent on board with this decision! Please take it into consideration. We hope to see you at the parents meeting which will allow you to use the technology and have a better understanding,


Melissa Dickie (Administrator)

The Frankfort Thomas Grant School

Parents Wanting To Learn More

Wednesday, June 3rd, 4pm

The Frankfort Thomas Grant School

This event will allow teachers to physically use the technology that would be placed in our school to see how greatly it can improve education for students.