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COVID 19 Response - Blended Model and Collaborative Tools Allow 4PA Teachers and Students To Seamlessly Transition to ONLINE Schooling

These are unprecedented times for our parents, teachers, and students. However, our school's 21st century approach to academics will allow our students to continue to be educated while at home. Our curriculum is based on a blended model, which allows the students to access their entire academic pathways online. Also, our students have invaluable experience using Skype and TEAMS and other collaborative tools through their group projects (PBLs) and occasional remote, online access to their teachers and instructors.

Thus, 4PA students will have a seamless transition when they return from Spring Break, next Tuesday. Our students will log onto their devices and continue working on their academic pathways from home. In addition, our teachers will conduct live online teacher instruction. Our program's built-in flexibility and integration of technology will serve our families well during these trying times. We are prepared, and our students will be the better for it!

To learn more about our program, please give us a call at 512-991-7950.

Be Safe!

Integrated Technology allows our students to be educated remotely and to keep moving through their academic pathways

Personalized Education - A focus on educating the Individual Student to foster mastery of his/her academics

A parent visiting our school asked me why she should consider our school when there are so many goods schools in our area. I responded that, while there are several good "traditional" public and private schools, these provide class sizes of 15, 20, 25 or more kids to one teacher, and all kids are group-taught the same material based solely on the child's age, regardless of the child's individual strengths, weaknesses, aptitude, or learning style. Our school is really for the family that wants a more personalized educational option for their child. We provide an environment that challenges the academically-advanced child to soar beyond age level placement and avoid the boredom of being placed in a class that is too easy for that child. Our teachers use technology to monitor, in real time, the progress students are making, and can adjust teaching methodology and/or the amount of instruction needed to address the needs of that child. Our goal is not to ensure our students understand and master the material they are being taught.

Also, with our school, there is no need to wait for a six or nine week report to know how your child is doing. Parents can simply log into the student's online accounts and take a look at their child's progress through the assigned curriculum pathway. Or, parents can simply read the written weekly reports provided to the parents and presenting a synopsis of what is/was being taught and how the child has performed academically during that week. In addition, because our teachers are not focused on prepping for a STAAR exam, they are able to focus on truly understanding each child, with the goal of having the child attain mastery of the material. To do this, a school has to be flexible and adaptive, and has to cater to the academic needs of the individual child. And, we are equipped to do this all remotely, while the child is at his/her home, away from our physical facility. These are some of the qualities that makes our school truly unique.


Wednesday, March 25th, 10:30-11:45am

ONLINE - Sign Up On Our Website to Receive the Link to Our Online Video Chat

Join us to learn more about our innovative program for Grades K-8. With small class sizes, standards-based online curriculum, and qualified teachers, we are able to differentiate and create an individual learning plan for each student. Differentiation allows a student to achieve a greater level of subject matter mastery and it also increases their confidence in their ability to learn. We are also able to provide that education to students remotely, with our online access to the curriculum, teachers, and classrooms.
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or call us at 512-991-7950 for a personal chat with the Directors


The COVID 19 response requires children spend several additional weeks (and potentially longer) at home. Many of these children will be without access to structured academics. Without the structure of an academic program, children will develop academic gaps and be less prepared when school resumes. The negative effects of these gaps may extend beyond the next school year. The 4PA ONLINE and Summer School programs are designed to immediately connect kids with an academic path covering their core subjects (primarily Math & Language Arts). We offer options for ONLINE plug-in, while school is on hold, and beyond. You may also enroll your child in our Summer School program to ensure that your child has every opportunity to learn all of their grade level curriculum.

Prevent (or erase) academic gaps that may develop while your child is off from school. Call us at 512.991.7950 to discuss options for enrolling your child in 4PA ONLINE or Summer School.



Have Your Child Spend His/Her Summer With Us! ‚Äč

SUMMER QUEST Full Day Program includes weekly selection from a variety of IQuest Camps. Parents can enroll in a single week or multiple weeks. Program caters to children Ages 5-14 (approximately Grades K-8) and incorporates camp activities, academic games, reading and writing, chess play, indoor and outdoor fun, and more.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT - use code quest2020 at registration to get $25 off before March 28th


  • March 16-23 - Spring Break
  • March 24 - School Resumes - ONLINE
  • March 25th - Virtual Open House - Register to receive link

4Points Academy

4Points Academy is a private K-8 school which offers small class sizes, personalized instruction, foreign languages, art, music, programming, and much more. Check out the 4Points Academy program here and/or call 512.991.7950.

IQuest is our afterschool program which provides afterschool care, enrichment classes, and tutoring. IQuest also provides summer camps and other special programs for kids in the surrounding neighborhoods of Four Points, Lakeway, & Cedar Park. Call 512.537.7664 for info.