Cochrane High Healing Arts Time

How We Began

  • This began semester 2 of the 2014-2015 school year as a Pilot Project
  • Grew out of a need to create a differentiated space for students who needed something more than our learning centre space or one on one counselling time.
  • A chance to reset during the day, reflect, connect, get grounded.
  • A chance to practice the de-stressing and relaxing strategies learned.
  • A chance to connect and feel connected

SOS-Q Student Orientation to School Questionnaire

  • A questionnaire to help identify students who may be at risk of disengaging. The 7 categories assessed are: Safe & Caring School, Peers, Self Confidence, External Resilience, Internal Resilience, Utility of School, Extra Curricular.
  • Now an online format and embedded into PowerSchool for ease of transition
  • Red, Orange and Yellow indicate students at risk & requires further follow up
  • Goal is to provide supports to reinforce the students sense of well being, balance and engagement with school.
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How to explain the need for a Healing Arts Space in a High School

CHAT June Aryn & Sydney

A Tour of our space

24 different expresions of anxiety

Have you ever noticed that though the word anxiety is a common term, each person's deeper understanding of how anxiety manifests for them is unique.

Wheels of Wellness

As a Self-Reflection exercise, students answered 36 questions of a resilience questionnaire and colored in their responses in the six categories.
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Gallery of Paintings

What we learned from the pilot

  • student attendance improved 20%, course completion and averages went up as well as overall sense of well being improved
  • ways of coping diversified and were more positive
  • we needed a new way to collect data more efficiently

Snapshot of Attendance and Marks - JC

Grade 9 2013-2014
Semester 1 - 76 absences = 19 days 67.6% average
Semester 2 - 158 absences = 39.5 days 50% average failed 3 of 4 core classes
  • 1st suspension

Grade 10 2014-2015
Semester 1 - 113 total absences = 28.25 days 5 credits completed with a 13.7% average
Semester 2 - away at BC Venture Program - completed 15 credits there
  • 2nd suspension then 10 day detox - Venture program - Foothills outpatient group
*accessed CHAT at the end of the year to transition back and stabilize*

Grade 11 2015- 2016 *CHAT referral Sept 14*
Semester 1 - 63 total absences = 8.25 days 22 credits completed with an 80.2% average
Semester 2 - 42 total absences = 10.5 days 21 credits completed with an 81.2% average

Grade 12 2016-2017
Semester 1 mid term 25 absences = 6.25 days on track for credits with 89% average
Post Secondary Plan: Culinary Arts at SAIT

How a "typical" student utilizes CHAT

  • Before school check in
  • Block 1 - attends class, goes to learning centre @ 1/2 way to work on assignment
  • Block 2 - asks teacher if they can go to CHAT and shows that they are caught up on work. Teacher calls down to CHAT Rm to confirm
  • Lunch - CHAT, tea and toast, works on their canvas, connect with others
  • Block 3 - Math test in learning centre
  • Flex - comes down to CHAT to connect with other students and work on canvas
  • Block 5 - stays in class
  • After school - stops by to talk and set up intention for tomorrow