The Holy City, Historical Sights, and lots of fun!!!

Entertainment and for tourists

Love to tour? Well let me tell you all about the fun in Jerusalem! Better put on your walking shoes and visit the Dome of Rock. Experience the Holy City and visit the Temple Mount! If your looking for a special place to relax and enjoy fun with your family or just have peace, please stay at the luxury, fun, and peaceful sleep, stay at the five-star hotel named The Dan Jerusalem Hotel! Also enjoy the Jerusalem Tour Map and start EXPLORING!!!!!!!!!

Jerusalem's Cuisines

Improve your taste buds as Jerusalem has wonderful foods to die for!

When your stomach is aching for food in the morning, try the fantastic kibbutz sauce of stuff like artichokes. Don't fret if you are hungry for lunch, enjoy our falafel with pita bread. For those evening meals, go have some beautiful tuna tartare, shrimp with garlic and its your choice if its grilled/fried mmm.Looking for a sweet desert treat, for your hungary mouth to eat? So try this desert at Lamina's Treats and it is called a Malawi! Yum it is chocolate syrup in ice cream mixed with a giant cookie cake! Be sure to try to not pass up these meals

Jerusalem's History,Culture, and Arts

Join the love, the old and new city, and beautiful history, culture, and arts! Jerusalem was not always there, it was destroyed 2 times both by the romans back in the old days,you were not born yet.Also they have wonderful art and culture festivals around may and june. The Garden of Eden, The Western Wall,and the Temple Mount, you can see those historical keys in Jerusalem. Please enjoy the love and be experienced!!! Besides be here to hear the jerusalem national anthem.

The Jerusalem Flag

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Whoa wait a second, I have to give you this warning that you should get this jerusalem language book! Since Jerusalem part Jewish and part Arabic, both languages are very spoken in Jerusalem. If you go near the Christian Quarter you can be in the Christian and Catholic part of Jerusalem. Hebrew is the most common language in Jerusalem. The Torah is a bible that jewish and some Israel people enjoy. So please learn the language in Jerusalem!!!

language desciptions

Climate and Weather!!!!

First be prepared for the weather in Jerusalem! Brrrr! Jerusalem has winter in November through March, talk about cold. Bring your swim shorts and sun- screen for summer in April through October wow!!!!!!!!!! Bring your rain boots because nearly 70% of rainfall hits Jerusalem. So bring your swim shorts, rainboots, and turtle neck sweater for theclimate in Jerusalem!!!!

Landmarks and Historical Sights

Enjoy the sights of Jerusalem! Please if you step through the holy city Jerusalem, and you will enter a whole other world, one where there is peace, fun, mystical, busy,bibblical sights. I hope you enjoy the biblical landmarks in Jerusalem! Let me describe all of the four quarters in Jerusalerm, and I'm not talking about money. It is called the Jewish Quarter, Christian Quarter, Armenian Quarter, and the Muslim Quarter. Also see one of the world's most fertile active excavations for bible archeology........ the City of David! So really get out there and learn something you havent before in Jerusalem!

Sports and Leisures

Jerusalems favorite sport is soccer but many people call it "football". but many people beg to differ on that, Jerusalem has basketball, and football. But it is really all about the fun and to be prepared for athletics.

Festivals and Activities

As long as your in Jerusalem, you got to know about the festivities such as the Knight in the Old City, The Festival of Lights, The Celebration of The City of David, and more so enjoy the activities and festivities!



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