Colonial Williamsburg

The facets of life in colonial williamsburg


3 reasons why williamsburg was an important town in virginia was that #1 it was the center of government,education,and culture in virginia #2 it was the capitol of virginia and #3 it was home to 2,000 people.


3 ways in which education in colonial differed from education today was that #1 Older girls and boys didnt go to school together #2 Most girls didnt go to school and #3 little amount of african americans recieved an education

every action done in company,ought to be done with respect to those who are present

.be respectful

when in company put not your hands to any part of body not usually discovered

.keep your hands to yourself

show nothing to your friend that might frighten him

.no bringing weapons or guns to school

in the presence of others sing not to yourself with a humming noise nor drum with your fingers or feet.

.no humming or singing to yourself in class


some work that slaves did was that they were town slaves who worked as gardeners or coachmen.Also Some were house slaves who did chores in the master’s house.Most worked in the fields six days a week, from sunrise until after sunset.

Living conditions: Slaves lived in slave quarters with little furniture. They had difficult and painful lives. They survived by relying on one another.

social life raleigh tavern

4 activities that may take place at a tavern in williamsburg was singing, dancing,

eating and drinking , and sleeping

some others social activities that colonists participated in were sharing news ,discussing politics, and business meetings