Secret Winter Pal!

Hello Parents!

So, I am sure that you have heard from the kids that we are going to be doing Secret winter pal this week. For the Fun Run, they had one more reward that they had to vote on and they chose to do this activity. I just wanted to explain what it is and what is expected, so that no one is doing anything more than necessary!

So, winter secret pal is a game where you draw someone else's name and get them a present. Then, the whole group exchanges gifts, and everyone has to guess who gave them their present. It is a really cute game that the kids are super excited for!

Now, I know that you all do so much and have other things to spend your money on, so PLEASE DO NOT SPEND A LOT OF MONEY-IF ANY! I have put a $5 cap on these gifts and I would preferably like for students to make each other the gifts. I think that is much more personal and better for your wallets!

The kids will be drawing new names today because too many people already told their person that they were their Secret pal!! So, be on the lookout for an interest sheet that will be coming home today.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know! Also, if you do not have the resources for your child to participate in this activity, email me and they will do this in class.

Thank you for your time and support!