Battlefield 4 Beta

How to get the Battlefield 4 Beta

Here is how to get the Battlefield 4 Beta!

We have been able to officially release the BF4 Beta! This is the complete leaked battlefield 4 Beta game. Even the bf4 multiplayer online settings are working. Right now it's obviously not that crowded online, since it's not released to the public yet! So it might be slightly hard trying to find online games sometimes. Who know, maybe if enough people download this battlefield 4 beta there will be a ton of people playing online.

Just scroll down this page a little and you will find the Battlefield 4 Beta Download button =)

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Enjoy this working Battlefield 4 beta - BUT WAIT!!! There's more...

In addition to the working battlefield 4 beta, we have also added the brand new Grand Theft Auto Five Crack! Yes! This game is epic on so many levels, if you have not yet watched the trailer make sure you do so now! I have added a video below. You can find the download link for this one below... Enjoy =)

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