Principal's Corner #2

August 16, 2019

Our staff can really ROAR

  • To Lori Matsumoto for being proactive in trying to set our 5th graders up for a successful year of recess.
  • To Carrie Revers for all of her help printing emergency information rosters and for cheerfully handling heavy first week traffic in the clinic.
  • The 4th and 5th grade teams for showing positivity and flexibility when presented with a new, last-minute assessment to administer.

From Alison Berner


  • To Michele, Nicole, Shana and Hannah for being incredible teammates and guiding me through work week. You have made me feel so excited and ready for the upcoming school year.

From Caroline Garey


  • To Amanda Jehn for giving up some of her valuable time on work week to help set up the innovation center.

From Sarah Hammershaimb


  • To Jackie, Kelli, Jen and Lisa I. for welcoming me onto the 3rd grade team and for all of your help during the first week of school! I'm very thankful for you all!

From Brooke Hall


  • To Ann Litschewski for her flexibility when creating a new science/social studies rotations schedule.

From Darren Dennstedt


  • To Sarah Campbell and Kameron Riley for all of the work they have put in to building relationships with our community, staff and students. I appreciate the efforts you are making to help with our transition this year.
  • To Allison Leggieri for being vulnerable. I appreciate you and all the hard work you do for our students and families.
  • To Sally Wuthrich and Glenda Cole for all the work they have put into creating the intervention schedule to help meet the needs of all kids.
  • To Lois Vaughan for taking time to meet with teams and help develop an understanding of what our teachers need.
  • To Megan McDermott for working diligently on several transfer students with IEPs from previous districts.
  • To Hannah Frick for responding promptly to a student's needs.
  • To Dawn Thompson and Michele O'Brien for recognizing that a staff member needed some assistance with a student and jumping in to support without being asked.

From Katie Johnson

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Thank you Angel for all of your dedication to Cottonwood Creek. We've been so lucky to have you as part of our team, and wish you the best. Liberty is fortunate to have you! You will be missed.

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Permission to share your birthday (Month/Day ONLY)

PTO has requested a list of our staff birthdays. I plan to share this with them on Monday, so please email me if you DO NOT want your MONTH/DAY shared with PTO.

Thank you!

If you haven't done so already, please complete these forms before Monday, August 19th.

From the desk of Alison Berner


A great big thank you to everyone who has been working with their class to go over the ROAR matrix and collect all of the stickers on their ROAR map. When you finish these, please turn them in to me or Katie, and we will bring your class a paw award to put up outside your classroom. Remember that we also now have a positive behavior referral on the shared drive. We have gotten a few of these already and the kids were SO EXCITED to receive them!


All students in grades K-3 will be taking the iReady test soon. Get excited!

Kindergarten, since you have a longer window, let’s wait to schedule your test in the hopes that your new technology will arrive in time to use it for the test.

Teachers in 1-3, we need to complete iReady by September 4th in order to give us a little cushion afterwards for make-ups before the September 11th deadline. Would you please talk with your teams and have one person let me know the days and times everyone would like to test?


Everyone should now have an emergency code flip book and a mandatory reporting trifold. Please let me know ASAP if you do not have these items. If you will be responsible for an entire class of students for fire drills/evacuations, you should have also received new red, yellow, and green cards for your emergency folders. Please throw out the construction paper ones and replace them with these.

The first fire drill will take place on Tuesday, August 20th at 8:15. If you evacuate with a small group of students (SPED, Nurse, Intervention, etc.), please evacuate the building and then walk your students to reunite with their classes. Classroom teachers, keep your yellow card up until all students have returned to you. Classroom teachers, if your class is at lunch or specials, please evacuate the building and then walk around the outside of the building to meet up with your class.

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Literacy Information from Lois

A huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone for making my first few weeks at Cottonwood so amazing! I have enjoyed meeting with you and visiting your classrooms. There are wonderful things happening in our building!

Everyone should now have access to the School Pace tile. Each classroom teacher’s roster should be current. School Pace will be updated regularly in the same manner as Power School and iReady.

The School Pace demo site will remain open for the next few weeks. The log in is cherry creek and the password is demo2019. This is a good place to play around and explore the different components of School Pace.

Please continue to sign up for IRLA support via the shared Google document. I will update the sign-up sheet for the next few weeks. Remember that initial IRLA levels are to be completed by September 6, 2019.

Although I am only in the building on Wednesday and Thursday of each week, please reach out for any IRLA or literacy questions, concerns, etc. Please feel free to email, call, or text.

IRLA tip: White level books and above are commonly found in classrooms and school libraries. Be sure to check out the Book Data Base in School Pace to quickly determine the level of thousands of books!

Educator Initiative Grants

The Cherry Creek Schools Foundation office is excited to open the Educator Initiative Grants application process for the 2019-20 school year. Educator Initiative Grants (EIG) are designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward creative and INNOVATIVE instructional approaches used to accomplish program objectives and enhance the learning experience of students.

The link can be found at: along with some helpful information.

  • Grant requests up to $1,000.00 will be considered.
  • Any requests for computer hardware or software will be reviewed for compatibility with existing district technology.
  • Grants are open to all district educators.
  • Deadline for submission will be Sunday, September 15th at 11:59 pm.

Grant writing workshops will be held on:

  • Thursday, August 22nd will be at ISF Room 102 4-5PM
  • Tuesday, August 27th will be at ESC Room 147 4-5PM

Questions, please call the Foundation office, 720-554-4429.

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Friday, August 16: Debriefing at Maggie’s Smith’s after school (3:41)

Tuesday, August 20: Fire Drill at 8:15AM

Wednesday, August 21: Katie out in the AM (Riley Starts Kindergarten!)

Wednesday, August 21: All Certified Staff Meeting

Thursday, August 22: Multi Cultural Breakfast at 8:00, PTO

Thursday, August 22: Para-Educator Meeting at 9:15

Friday, August 23: Katie out in the AM (EPC)

Friday, August 23: Run For Funds Assembly, 1:30 PM in the Gym

Thursday, August 29: Gifted and Talented Parent Night, 5:00 PM in the Gym

Wednesday, September 4: Picture Day

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Cottonwood Creek Elementary School