Wellness on Vacation

July 2022

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Vacationing is Well-being

Summer is the perfect time to plan a trip! Children are out of school, the temperatures are rising, and the world awaits your leisure. An article published by the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences found that vacationing has both direct and indirect effects on one’s happiness. Vacationing is great for family bonding, mental and physical respite, and gaining valuable perspectives about the world we live in.

In this edition of the Positive Pulse, you will find tips for traveling safely, ideas for planning a staycation, July community concerts, and MORE!

Wellness While Traveling

  • View the morning sun: Viewing natural light in the early morning hours helps to dial in your circadian rhythm. This is especially helpful when crossing over time zones.
  • Work up a sweat: Working out on vacation can help mitigate symptoms associated with jetlag.
  • Hydrate: Keep a water bottle nearby and drink from it often. Nothing can turn a trip sour faster than when your body slows down from not having enough water.
  • Log off & log out: The best gift you can give your loved ones is your presence. As difficult as it might be, try turning off your notifications, putting up your out-of-office, and limiting the use of your phone during vacation.

Travel Safely

When making travel plans this summer, an important thing to consider is safety. Some things you can do before leaving for your trip include:

  • Email your itinerary to your family: It is important for people to know where you are going and when you are coming home, just in case anything happens.
  • Lock your home: Lock all your doors & windows. If you have security cameras, make sure their batteries are charged.
  • Write down emergency info: Before you leave for your trip, write down all your important information or save the information on a small USB thumb drive, along with copies of your passport and other important documents.
30 Quick Tips to Stay Safe While on Vacation

Staycation Ideas

Don't have the budget to take a trip this summer? Try planning a staycation! Check out local attractions or simply have a fun night at home. Below are some budget-friendly ideas for a staycation:

  • Have a picnic: Pack up your favorite food and drink items, get a blanket and have a picnic outside in your favorite spot!
  • Camp out: Whether you hit up your local campground or set up a tent in the backyard, enjoy a night of nature, smores, and chatting by a fire.
  • Host a movie night: Rent or stream your favorite movies and build a cozy blanket fort in the living room.

July Community Concerts

Music evokes feelings of well-being, encourages movement, and fosters connection with self and others. This July, look for community-based events where you can enjoy festivities among friends, family, and the community. Community events in July:

Summer Concert Series (7/6, 7/13 & 7/20) - A free concert series featuring local talent held during the early evening hours. 120 W. Commercial St. East Rochester, NY, 14445

Summer Sunset Series (7/15) - Enjoy DSP Jazz Trio from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Food and drinks will be served until 8 pm. No cost for kids aged 3-12, $10/ticket for adults. 1410 Flint Hill Road Mumford, NY 14511

Music in the Park (7/13) Enjoy the Michael Yacci Trio band in Outhouse Memorial Park. Food trucks are open from 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm & Music begins at 6:30 pm. This is a free, family-friendly event. 2550 Outhouse Rd, Canandaigua, NY 14424


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