The GHA School Scoop!

Vol. 2, Issue 2 (Sept. 2018)

Thank you!

A big thank you to all the parents that made it last night to our curriculum evening. If you have missed it, we have provided the slides below in English and French.

Curriculum Information Evening Slides

Parent Handbook

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Need to contact us?

Here are the phone numbers of the GHA offices.

Nursery School: 0787227609

Primary School: 0787303020

Middle School: 0787303024

High School: 0787303029

Finance: 0787268004

Admissions: 0787227601

Main office: 0735832348

Boarding: 0781532328

Here are the email addresses of some key staff members:

Lisa, Head of School:

Carmel, Nursery Principal:

Clive, Primary Principal:

Marcos, Middle School Principal:

Anna, High School Principal:

Catherine, French Coordinator:

Graham, Head of Boarding:

Happy, Admissions Director:

Lucie, Operations Manager:

Finance office:

Flavia, College Counselor:

Jackie, Counselor supporting social and emotional health:

Gaspard, Science Coordinator:

Mathias, High School Vice Principal and IB Coordinator:

Jackie, High School Vice Principal and IGCSE Coordinator:

Carol, Special Education Coordinator:


This is a friendly reminder that all term 1 fees, plus stationery and technology fees, should now be fully paid. If you have any remaining balance please be sure to clear it to avoid late fees. Any questions about billing should be sent directly to the finance department.

Instructional strategies

Last night at the meeting we mentioned some of the researched-based instructional strategies we are focusing on this year to increase student engagement and promote active learning. Here is the complete list:

    • Setting clear objectives at the beginning of each lesson in student-friendly language
    • Inquiry based learning
    • Differentiation
    • Scaffolding
    • Providing clear and effective feedback to students
    • Higher order questioning and thinking
    • Regular formative assessment
    • Regular peer assessment
    • Project based learning
    • Peer teaching and collaboration
    • Learning centers
    • Cooperative learning
    Big picture