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The Life of Sharks

There are 375 species of sharks.Stingrays are relatives of the sharks.The horn shark lays eggs in a spiral shape to blend in with the rocks to protect it from predators.Once the shark pups are born they are on their own.Some sharks use camouflage to hunt but also to hide from predators.The cookie cutter shark is known for leaving cookie like bite marks on their prey. Sharks can't really bite people with chain mail suits even if they have fish in their sleeve because their teeth will get stuck in the chain.
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Types of Sharks

All shark bones are made of cartilage to move faster.Sharks can smell even the smallest amount of blood from over a mile away.Sharks have to many teeth to count.4.2 percent of fatal attacks were shark attacks.Sharks don't need a jaw bone because their teeth are entrenched in their skin.The short fin mako shark is the fastest shark it can go up to 65 mph (over 100 kph)!!!!!
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Researching sharks

Lots of sharks are being killed every day for food.Researchers are tagging sharks to see how they live.They wan't to save these creatures because more people are killing them for food and their teeth.
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There are more sharks to be discovered. Here is a video about sharks that are hidden.This a video where scientist find sharks in underwater volcano.
Sharks Discovered Inside Underwater Volcano (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)
Goblin Shark in Australia: Rare 'living dinosaur' Shark pulled from water by Australian fishermen