My Leadership Development

Sponcered by: The Leadership Acadamy

My Mission

When I look at myself in the mirror I see a person that has endured many hardships. Having to deal with life in a third world country. Many crimes involving innocent people just falling like flies. I was lucky because this never happened to me but it occurred fairly close. These memories and events that happened to me is what made me the person I am today. I moved to this country to live a better life, to have the ability to control my destiny. Ever since I was a boy, I dreamt of soaring through the clouds. Even though the road is bumpy I know I will become the person I was meant to be. Maybe even going further and creating my own company to help aid and assist those to a better life by transporting then to better countries or even help create new land and leave my mark on the world. My mission is to become a pilot.

The Development In My Leadership Skills

Responsibility: chores, assignments Initiative: volunteering

Communication: outspoken, brave, expressive, loud

Collaboration: group activities

Organization: time

Teamwork: equal tasks, sharing chores

Confidence: play

Commitment: play, studies, volunteering

Positive Attitude: helpful, persistent

A few word to describe my experiences:

Amazing: Camp Muskoka

Educational: First Aid, Science Fair, Guest Speakers

Entertaining: Silver Creek

Rewarding: Listening (Jonathan Hood)

Inspiring: Guest Speekers

Habit 3 : Put First Things First

✅ Specify those that are important or urgent

✅ Based on due dates, start planning goals

✅ Schedule time for each task

✅ Take frequent but sensible breaks

✅ Include exercise in part of your routine

✅ Maintain healthy relationships

✅ Keep referring to your schedule

Habit 1: Proactive

-Being myself and no one else

-Putting myself in the other person's shoe

-Always think about how I would feel

-Choose my words carefully

-Pause and think before responding

Some Speakers

Time Management Pie Graph

Big image
proactive vs reactive

Social Justice

A matter of great importance since I was a victim of bullying. Physical bullying, ironically, is the least painful form. Bullies should be held accountable for their actions. Social bullying and emotional bullying are a bit more severe, as they can lead to suicidal thoughts and insanity. People associated with this should be more severely dealt with by the school or even reported to the authorities. Similarly, Cyber bullying affects the victim more severely since he or she is targeted by a larger group.


I had to be an advocate for myself when I showcased my skills to prove that I can be a leader. This is important for my inner growth, self worth, and progress.