Liver cancer

Signs you may have liver cancer

there are no signs but you may experience pain in the abdominal area, bloating, fluid in the abdomen, vomiting, and nausea.

causes of liver cancer

liver cancer can be caused by birth defects, chronic infections of hepatitis b and c and also by alcohol abuse

long and short term effects of liver cancer

some effects of liver cancer could be feeling sick, worn out, lose of weight, lose of appetite, swollen abdomen, itchy skin, skin could start to yellow.

there are also some causes of the swollen abdomen. These could be things like fluids building up because of blood cell blockages or even cancer cells, or the lining could be irritated by the cancer cells.

Treatment of liver cancer

Getting treatment for liver cancer just depends on what stage it is you could have to get parts of the liver removed, transplant, chemotherapy or mabey even radiation
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