Welcome to Soror

Where humans and apes can Live in peace!

Welcome to Soror!

The original Planet of The Apes

Must visit locations!

Here on Soror we have many places that you cannot miss! The first of these are our glorious beaches where you can bathe in the rays of our beautiful star, Betelgeuse. Another attraction is our jungles which you can hike through and gaze at the wildlife living there. The most famous of these is our convention center where we recently announced our first planned animal space flight.

An old timey experience

Here on Soror, we don't have all of the advanced technology like you do on Earth. Here, you can just relax like a person would've in the 21st century. But, you don't have to worry about being trapped here like Ulysse, we have enough technology to make sure that you aren't trapped here.
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This is one of our many spacious houses that are able to be rented by tourists.

Our claim to fame

You may have heard about us from Pierre Bouell's book, Planet of the Apes. However, there is no need to worry about the savages, here in the year 3978 you are completely safe from them. If you want something else to do, you can visit our ancient ruins. Who knows, you might find an old artifact just like Ulysse did. But, there is no need to freak Ulysse did, it would just be an old ape artifact. We've always inhabited this planet.
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Sollux Captor

Hs Frog Hunt by Sollux Captor