How Honey Is Made

By: Aleena Ali


Did you know that honey is whinny poo's favirot treat. And that honey is a nice flavored sticky food.


The origin of honey will have you sticked to this whole page. It is natruly made,It goes to honey com cells and it's also made with water and sugar.


This process will blow your mind. The bees make a hive out of hard wax. And then they get honey and store it inside the honey com cells that are made of wax. And then they do this all over again.

Interesting Facts

Then we have intresting facts. The queen bee lays about 2,000 eggs a day. Honey makes lip stick and many more products. When they are done with the honey the bee keeper vacums the bottle that they put the honey in.


I know that all the intresting facts and everything else is true and if you try to make honey, just look at the origin and you will be great at making honey all the time for anyone.
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