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Bay Shore MS's Practitioner's Guide on What Matters Most!

We Believe...

Children are our most precious commodity and the holders of our future. To see them reach their full potential - we commit to our continuous learning and the learning of our students so that each learning activity is engaging, culturally responsive, and prepares them for their futures.

Aim High!

12 Days 'til Christmas

The Holiday Season is upon us, what better way to enjoy the beauty of the season than with you.

For the next twelve days (as the holiday season draws near)--

The administrators will be sharing some holiday cheer!

So...keep your eyes open,

Your ears perked up, too.

We've thought long and hard

about what to bring you!

Along with our small tokens

that will come each day,

Is a wish for the Holidays

and smiles along the way.

12th Day 'til Christmas

On the 12th Day Til Christmas,

the Admin gave to me,

A Candy Cane

to hang on my tree.

11th Day 'til Christmas

On the 11th Day 'til Christmas,

the Admin they did share -

Drop your students off at the concert

then you are free to go and prepare.

10th Day 'til Christmas

On the 10th Day 'til Christmas,

the children clapped their hands -

Standing tall to say,

that you're worth every bit of this GRAND!

9th Day 'til Christmas

On this 9th Day 'till Christmas,

there's shopping left to do.

So your name we'll place in a raffle,

a chance to win a gift card or two.

The names have been drawn

and the random name picker (see link above) was clear

the two people who can add to their holiday shopping is near...

Congratulations to:

Nick Giusto - $25 GC to Target

Kerry Donohue - $10 GC to Dunkin' Donuts

8th Day 'til Christmas

On the 8th Day 'til Christmas,

the choir sang with glee.

Enjoy your reindeer,

but don't hesitate to give it to me.

7th Day 'til Christmas

On this 7th Day 'til Christmas,

Pep Patty does the trick -

Especially when

the copy machines are on the fritz!

6th Day 'til Christmas

On this 6th Day 'til Christmas,

laughs "bursting" with our peers -

"Pop" into the lounge for popcorn

the Holidays are here!

5th Day 'til Christmas

On this 5th Day 'til Christmas,

we wrapped this treat in gold -

to show appreciation

a fact we wouldn't want untold!

4th Day 'til Christmas

On the 4th Day 'til Christmas,

more sweet treats you receive -

A chocolate cupcake

with peppermint to go down with ease.

3rd Day 'til Christmas

On the 3rd Day 'til Christmas,

someone heard your plea.

Wear your ugly sweater (or t-shirt :-) with jeans

to be O'so comfy!

2nd Day 'til Christmas

On this 2nd Day 'til Christmas,

more sweet treats you'll receive.

Gather in the lounge

for food AND desserts -

so get there with speed.

1st Day 'til Christmas

On this 1st Day 'til Christmas,

the kids blew you this kiss.

Over the long (needed) vacation

their smiles you'll surely miss.