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This Week's Barista: Sara Ballon, 5th Grade Teacher

September 8, 2015

You may have noticed last week that Google changed its logo. They also released a cool video charting Google's evolution. For design and font nerds, click on over to the Google Design blog for some really geeky information about how the new logo was created.

You know you use it...why shouldn't your students?

I use Wikipedia all the time in my personal life, why am I so hesitant about encouraging its use in the classroom? I have always told my students that Wikipedia can be a decent place to start, but to never rely on it as a source for their bibliography.

Consider teaching how to use Wikipedia instead of avoiding it altogether. Jeff Utecht, an international educator I follow on his blogs and on Twitter, put together a convincing argument and some good (new to me!) information about how to read a Wikipedia page for research and reliability purposes. Wikipedia actually tells you how much you can trust the page in just one click. If you'd like to read the article, click below:

Understanding Wikipedia in 3 Clicks

Don't be afraid of Googling.

Google Tips is a website launched two years ago by Google to help Google users develop a working understanding of how Google products operate. As its name suggests, this platform provides a wide variety of tips and tricks geared towards enhancing users knowledge of different services including: Chrome, Google+, Google maps, Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube and Google Search. You can search by category or product. There is also a Chrome Extension that you can download for free! We all know it's the little things that make us more productive. Take a look!

Hope you've enjoyed the Double Shot. More to come next week!