Paper Staff Call 7/11/2016

Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy

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In the light of the summer's recent events around our state, nation, and globe take a second today to send out some positive vibes. Smile more, hold the door open for a stranger, wave at a neighbor, go the extra mile out of your way to make a positive impact in someone's life today. We have the chance each day to make the world we live in a better place. Don't waste that opportunity. All you need is LOVE.
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Action Items

-Staff Call July 18 at 9 am

-Take note of Ortentation Staff Assignments

-Read one of the Customer Service McDonald's articles and complete the survey

-Read one of the Customer Service Disney articles for Staff call on July 18

-Check In Service packing list and agenda

-Email dietary restrictions* or accommodations to Jara by July 18 at noon

-Monthly schedules due August 1 for the month of August (we will work on them at PD)

*Dietary restrictions include if you would like a vegetarian option. If your lunch needs to be gluten free or of a certain calorie/carbohydrate count please be prepared to bring your own lunch. We will discussing this in detail on our Staff Call at 9 am on July 18.

First Class Flyers

  • Congratulations to Honey for becoming an Instructional Coach on the Student's First Team! We are so proud of you.
  • Thank you Rebecca France, Amanda LeCompte, and Verna Richard for accepting the nomination as LAVCA's candidates for the Department of Education's Science Standards committee.
  • Thank you Gina Warren and Ana Berry for representing LAVCA at the third annual Teacher Ambassador Summit.
  • Thank you to everyone who represented LAVCA at the 25th National Charter School Conference. Nashville will never be the same.
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Happy Birthday LAVCA!

5 years ago last week on July 7 the first LAVCA faculty meeting took place on Louisiana Avenue in New Orleans. We fit in one long narrow room with four tables, wide eyed and excited about what the next year was to bring. Look at LAVCA now!

Orientation Schedule ** Please Note BR is July 22 **

9:00 am - Staff reports to location for set up.

9:30 am - Sign in begins

10-11 - NEW K-7 students

11:30-12:30 All 8th grade (Returning) students

1-2 pm- All New 8th to 10th grade students

2-3 pm- Clean up

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Making the News..

From the Tower...

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HS Academic Administrator

We are making some changes to our organizational structure. We will be adding a HS Academic Administrator to our team. Jara Naquin will transition to serve as the Academic Administrator for grades K-7. Once the HS Academic Administrator is identified and hired, he/she will serve grades 8-12. The position posted on the K12 website on Thursday of last week. Those people interested in the position can apply at

Flight Crew Regulation In-Service Attire

For the week of In Service we will be hosting the following spirit days:

July 25– Favorite Sports Team- (New Hire Training Day)

Wear dress slacks or khakis with your favorite teams jersey or t-shirt.

July 26– College Spirit-

Wear dress slacks or khakis with a t-shirt from your college. Let’s make some education connections with the new staff and show your school spirit.

July 27– Harry’s Back

Celebrating the latest Harry Potter upcoming release, dress as your favorite character or sport your favorite house colors. Take the quiz if you don’t know.

July 28– Blended Best

Dress in Business Professional attire as we will be attending the opening of the Baton Rouge blended location. Please no jeans, tennis shoes, or flip flops. Dress sandals with a strap around the heel accepted.

Please know the Spirit Days are Highly Encouraged but not mandatory. If you do not want to participate, with the exception of July 28, please wear Business Casual.

In Service Agenda

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In-Service will be on July 26 at 9 am on the third floor of the Baton Rouge Office building (4962 Florida Blvd). Please arrive by 8:45 so you are parked, settled, and ready for the 9 am start. Plan for morning traffic and delays. Look to be dismissed between 3:45 and 4:30 each day. Please email Jara by July 18 at noon if any special dietary accommodations or arrangements need to be made for the week. There will be a "Mother's Room" on site. Lunch will be provided each day and you will be on your own for dinner. There will be a staff event the evening of July 26. At In Service you will need the following items daily:


Notebook, binder, planner (whatever you use to take notes)

Clipboard (If you have one. Do Not Purchase. Bring one for a friend if you have an extra.)

Power strip labeled with your name on it (Optional)

Extension cord labeled with your name on it (Optional)

Bright Ideas

Positive Attitude

Stan will need to verify everyone's computer serial and model number. We will need everyone to have their computer on site everyday so he can complete this process.

Flights confirmations have been emailed. If there any questions, issues, or concerns please let Danielle and Jara know immediately. Notify Danielle and Jara if your travel plans change.

A Quick Tune Up

Pick one of the three articles to read about how McDonald's is dealing with custumer service. Think about the families that we serve daily at LAVCA and what they are expecting for their student at our school. Answer the quick costumer service questions below and let us in on how your families are Lovin' it.

Research Topic 1

Research Topic 2

Research Topic 3

Living the Learning

Collaborative Learning Kagan Structure Round Table in SCH3U

See how to do it Virtually during staff call next week.

Tech Tip Take Off

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