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  • Born on March 6, 1475 in Caprese, Italy
  • Left Florence in 1534 and settled in Rome


Michelangelo was apprenticed at the age of 13 to Domenico Ghirlandaio, a fashionable painting in Florence


Michelangelo was recognized as the most talented sculptor of central Italy. He got vast commissions from his clients and new clients. He spent his life sculpting and doing commissions. He created many sculptures and architecture design.


  • Lorenzo de Medici
  • Pope Julius II
  • Pope Clement VII


  • created in 1498-1500
  • located in Basillica di San Pietro in Vaticano
  • this piece is a very significant piece because at the time of the Renaissance, multi-figured sculptures were rare.
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Why I find this piece interesting

This piece of incredibly made and very beautiful. The way Michelangelo makes marble look like soft cloth folds and perfect anatomy.

Renaissance Ism or Idea

This piece is very related to Christianity because it is a sculpture of the virgin Mary cradling her son Jesus.


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