People who drink before they think.

The Physical Effects of Abbusing Alcohol

The short term effects of drinking alcohol are BAC, which stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration, blurry vision, trouble talking and walking due to loss of muscle control.Also irritates the stomach small intestine and slows nerve activity in the parts of the brain that controls how a person feels and acts, dizzy, lack of coordination and more. Drinking too much alcohol for too long could cause long term effects. Some long term effects of abusing alcohol are cancer of the mouth, tongue, throat, and esophagus,can damage the liver,and increase a drinkers risk of heart attact and stroke. So next time you drink, think about the effects and can do to your body, short term and long term.

What can Happen when you Drink and Drive.

It is illegal to drink under the age of 21, but did you now that if you drink and drive you will be arrested? Well you will, if you are caught drinking while driving or drive right after you drank you will have to do community work, pay a fine, or even be sent to prison. The Connecticut laws are if your BAC is .08 percent or below you are braking a law. It is illegal for a minor who drinks and drives with a BAC of .02 percent. Not only is it illegal but you can hurt yourself, family members, friends, or even a pavilion walking the street. WIth also all the financal problems going through the roof. So the next time you are thinking about drinking and driving, think of all the consequences.

The Social Problems of Abusing Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can't only affect your body and financial, problem but also social problems. It could cause problems in relationships with friends and family members, like fighting, upsetting your kids, and loss of friends. If you are still in school you may have school related issues like skipping school days and failing grades. Also will have a harder time at work such as, missing work days or not getting work done, which could lead to getting fired. Social problems concludes another thing that alcohol could reunion for you.

Cathryn Ragaini Even C